the big birthday boy!

Ryan turned two on Tuesday the 27th, ahhh! Steve had the day off work since Christmas Eve and Christmas landed on the weekend this year so that was really awesome. Steve made one of Ryan’s favorites for breakfast–biscuits and gravy–and then we headed up to Rockford to visit the Discovery Center (the children’s museum).

Ryan had a blast and it was Steve’s first time being there since he was a kid so we all had a lot of fun.

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my baby boy is two years old

Dear Ryan,

You’re TWO! Mama can’t even believe it, where’d my baby boy go? That picture seems like yesterday and so do all of my memories of our first two years together. It has flown by… please, please, please don’t get any bigger!

You are quite the chatterbox now! You repeat everything you hear and you say and learn something new every day. You name things that I’m not even sure where you heard the word before! And you say some super cute things too like “oopsie daisy” when you drop something

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529 College Savings Plan

I know Ryan is only 1, but Steve and I have actually been discussing starting a college fund for him since before I pregnant! I’m sure other parents can relate. It’s kinda one of those cliché conversations that all parents have that loses priority after the baby is born. Everyone said to open up a 529 savings plan, but didn’t have a lot of information about them. Steve and I never actually did open an account until after his first birthday. Steve’s grandma and a family friend of ours each gave us

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Ryan’s 1st birthday party!

Ryan did so well at his party. After his meltdown at Christmas with all the people, I was worried he’d be the same for his birthday. There were about 30 people there and he was AWESOME. He was a show off. He loved the attention, he ate it all up. He didn’t get too into the cake, I wish he would have smashed it to pieces! It was like he didn’t want his hands dirty. He kept sticking one thumb in the cake so I took his other hand and shoved it in the

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Decorating a Monster-Themed Birthday Party!

On Sunday (Jan. 2nd), we had over some friends and family for Ryan’s big birthday… a monster-themed birthday party for a monster lil boy! 🙂 It was a lot of fun…. but a ton of work. I’m relieved it’s over, but it’s bittersweet… can’t believe my baby is ONE! I have *so many* pictures from the party, this post is just going to focus on the decorations. I’ll follow up with another that has pictures of Ryan and his cake and presents and all the guests 🙂

Monster-Themed Birthday Party

Monster Cupcakes!

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Ryan’s birthday Part 2: cake smashing!

On Monday, Ryan’s real birthday, we had a small party with a couple family members. Ryan got some presents and of course, CAKE! At first, Steve started feeding him cake with a fork and I was like–what are you doing? Let him dig in!!! Ryan seems a little nervous to get his hands dirty, but he did pretty well–because it was so yummy! He fed Daddy some cake and then before I could even react, he turned and wiped his hands on my face! And on my clothes! Haha, it was too

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Ryan’s 1st Birthday Part 1: sledding!

Steve had Ryan’s birthday (Monday, 12/27) off work so we decided to celebrate by taking him sledding!! We went to buy a sled and of course the store was all sold out… except for this inflatable one, which ended up working really well. It had a cord to pull him along and a back he could lean on.

Our back yard is a golf course so it was the perfect place to go! We ran around with him for awhile and then we got brave and led him down a “hill”–a sand trap, haha.

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