The little man’s Christmas presents

A couple people have asked me what Ryan is getting for Christmas… they have children near Ryan’s age and are looking for some ideas! I have LOTS. Mainly because Ryan’s birthday is only 2 days after Christmas so we’ve been doing a lot of shopping. So have the grandparents 😉 I’ll post the ideas here, whether we actually end up getting them for Ryan or not, this is what I’d like to get him… or what I know his grandparents are getting him!

First up, we’re definitely getting him a Radio Flyer

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Monster Bash!!

Ryan’s 1st birthday is coming up… can you believe it?!?!! I know, I can’t either!! This year has flown by. Ok, I know it’s still 2.5 months away, but that’s going to disappear inaflash. Before I know it, he’s going to be shaving! And driving a car! And going away to college! Sob, sob.

While the event may be bittersweet… I’m pretty excited about the party. I started planning it awhile ago and we decided on a monster theme! Clearly because Ryan is a little monster. A CUTE monster 🙂

So, along with Katie

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Happy Birthday, Steve!

Quarter of a century! That’s right, the old man is 25 years young today. (yes, I’m older, I’m his suga mama… but only by a month!) I stayed home from work today so I could watch Ryan and Steve could sleep in (best present ever, right?!) I also got him lots of cool eco-friendly things, since we’re going all organic now. In the coming couple of weeks I’ll be posting reviews (and giveaways!) for these things… they aren’t all organic/natural, but most are. The others are just some fun things that

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Birthday gifts from the hubby

25 today… I think for once I actually feel different. Maybe it’s having a son, maybe it’s hitting the quarter-century mark. Either way, I’m happy and life is good! This morning Steve sent me for a 60 minute massage and a spa pedicure… ahhhhh, so amazing. I couldn’t get up after my massage, haha. And I got pink toes for spring! 🙂 When I got home he gave me more gifts!

From him–a box of fancy chocolates from a local store downtown, Chocolat By Daniel. Yea, I’ve already eaten two and it’s

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3 months old?!

On Saturday (the 27th), Ryan turned 3 months old. It feels like yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital… and sitting on the couch with Ryan all day long because he couldn’t stand to be put down, haha.

Some major things:

*I just washed his size 9 month clothing… he’s not into them yet, but he’s filling out his 6 mo stuff pretty well so he’ll be there soon! CRAZY. *We put away his bassinet 🙁 🙁 🙁 Ok, it’s not THAT big of a deal because we co-sleep. But he starts

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