a BlogHer12 NYC review

This was my third year at BlogHer, but it seemed so different. It feels like there are hundreds of things I want to tell you… but we’ll save the 24+ hour trip home (thank you, Southwest), my favorite products and gifts, and my tips for another post. Right now I just want to share my pictures and recap what I did in NYC!

The trip out was great–even though I had a 6am flight, got up at 1:40am, and left my house at 2:15am to drive to the airport. It

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The First Annual Blogger Baby Shower for a Cause with Baby’s First Test!

This past weekend I was in NYC for BlogHer, the huge annual blogging conference for women (and some men!). It was my third year attending and this year I was lucky enough to be sponsored by an amazing organization, Baby’s First Test. They promote and raise awareness of newborn screenings. This is something near and dear to my heart and I was thrilled to be promoting them and their mission along side my wonderful

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Blog conferences are all about the follow-up: business card test

I’ve been to the large blogging conference BlogHer twice and am about to go for my third time early next month. Business cards are a must-have when you attend conference like this because you meet so many new people…. at BlogHer, there’s a huge expo hall filled with sponsors that everyone wants to meet and many times you also throw your business card into a bucket to enter some sort of contest or giveaway. Then there are the private parties used for networking, too, and all the other bloggers you interact with.

So last

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First Annual Blogger Baby Shower for a Cause

Next month, Kristine of Cora’s Story and I will be in NYC to attend the annual blogging conference, BlogHer. This will be my third year going and I can’t wait!!! Things will be a bit different this year though… I’m bringing my sweet baby girl Rebecca with me. She’s excited to meet all my friends 😉 Also, I’m being sponsored this year by Baby’s First Test. They work to raise awareness about the life-saving Read More…

a baby blogger!

It’s almost time for BlogHer again… ahhhh! If you aren’t familiar, BlogHer is a big annual conference in August for…. bloggers! I’ve been the past two years and have plans to go again this year. It’s in NYC once again and I can’t wait! More official news on my sponsor and plans will be coming soon 🙂

This year, I’m taking Rebecca with me! She’ll be just over 5 months old at the time of the conference and she’s such a chill and easy baby, I think we’ll have a great time!

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bumps, scrapes and bruises

What are little boys made of? I’ve heard of snips and snails and puppy dog tails…. sure, that’s cute and everything, but I’m pretty sure little boys are made of bumps and scrapes and bruises.

It’s a good thing little kids are so resilient! Ryan is at the perfect age to just get into everything. He runs in circles around the house, jumps from the couch, climbs the tables… we have our own little monkey in here! And he’s just the right height to hit counters and tables, he’s just clumsy enough to still

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BlogHer12: who’s going?!

I know, I know, I haven’t even posted my BlogHer11 recap yet. Mainly because I just don’t even know where to start. The weekend was a blur! But I do know I had an amazing time and am so glad I went. BlogHer12 tickets are already on sale AND they’re 20% off the early bird price this month… so I plan on buying now! Are you going?

Have you heard yet where BlogHer12 will be?!?!

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made ofThere’s nothin’ you can’t do Now

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