You know you wanna know: BlogHer10 Schedule

I’ve said it many times before–I’m a list maker. I’m a planner. And it has been driving me CRAZY that BlogHer is just over a week away and I haven’t sat down yet and figured out what my schedule is. There are tons of parties and meetings and sessions… all at the same time! Where will I be?!

THURSDAY: 2pm: flight arrives 4:30-ish: Coffee with Kristine and ??? Tara and Becca? 5:30pm: pre-BlogHer dinner at Zen Palate with the coolest

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BlogHer10 to-do list

I’m a list maker. And BlogHer10 is coming up wayyyy too quickly. I felt like I had so much time but it’s just over one week away!!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And yea, I put things on my list I’ve already done just so I can cross them off. Your point?

~Purchase plane ticket Arrive in NYC at 2pm Thursday and leave at noon Sunday! ~Order laptop skin done yesterday with rush shipping 😉 from ~Order business cards in the process of ordering them RIGHT NOW! ~Order “I <3 @babydickey” buttons done, as of 5 minutes

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I’m a Simplisse Mom!

I love new, fun buttons 🙂 As you know, I use and love the Simplisse Breastfeeding Products AND they are my amazing sponsor for the annual BlogHer conference this year in NYC. Anyway, they have this awesome new button so that you can showcase your pride on your blog too! You can see mine in my right sidebar. Do you breastfeed? Do you like Simplisse Breastfeeding Products? Add the button! (all the cool kids are doing it) 😉

<center><a href=”” mce_href=””><img src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”Simplisse

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Announcing my BlogHer 2010 Sponsor!

BlogHer was a far away dream just about a month ago. I thought it was way too late in the game to land a sponsor and without one, it’s a bit pricey. I had been talking about it with my super supportive hubby and one day he said… you can go. Even without a sponsor, you can go. EEEK! Okay, not that I needed his permission, but we share finances and this would be a big one. He loves that I love my blog and wanted me to be able to

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Favor time? Pretty pretty please?

I am going to the BlogHer conference this year in NYC, but have not found a sponsor and could use all the help I can get. I just entered this contest and if I win I’ll get a free ticket and my hotel room free. AHHH!!! I wrote a story about the awesomest thing my family has done and all YOU lovely folks have to do is go vote for it!!! PLEASE!

Just go here: Bunchland’s BlogHer Contest, read my lovely (AWESOME) story, and click “vote for this entry” if you

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Want to meet me at BlogHer 2010?

I thought The Feminist Breeder had a lovely idea when she posted a survey on her site for anyone that wanted to meet up at BlogHer. There will be a lot of people there and I don’t know what most of you look like! 😉 So if you’re going to BlogHer and want to meet up, I’d love to! Just make sure you fill out this survey so I know who you are and how to contact you. WHOOHOOO!!

Click here to take my BlogHer survey

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Can I leave my cuddle bug for an ENTIRE weekend?!

Ok, first…. I’M GOING TO BLOGHER!!!! I’ve never used the term “squee” before, but I think I’ve finally found a reason/purpose. I’M SO EXCITED! For those that don’t know what BlogHer is, I suggest you first crawl out from under your rock. Second, check it out : BlogHer10. It brings bloggers from all over for hands-on learning, networking and discussion. And it’s not just “mommy bloggers,” it’s all types: food, finance, design, etc. I’ve been told that mommy bloggers actually make up a tiny portion of it. Last year there were

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