bumps, scrapes and bruises

What are little boys made of? I’ve heard of snips and snails and puppy dog tails…. sure, that’s cute and everything, but I’m pretty sure little boys are made of bumps and scrapes and bruises.

It’s a good thing little kids are so resilient! Ryan is at the perfect age to just get into everything. He runs in circles around the house, jumps from the couch, climbs the tables… we have our own little monkey in here! And he’s just the right height to hit counters and tables, he’s just clumsy enough to still

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BlogHer11 Swag Suite!

Thanks to everyone that has already sign-up to come to our swag suite at BlogHer this year! I’m teaming up with Becca from Mama B and Christa from Little BGCG to bring you some awesome goodies. I wish I could take them all home with me 😉

As you (should!) know by now, we’re being sponsored by Shari Criso–her and her My Baby Experts live web TV show sponsors have donated some great swag and amazing

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Who wants an iPad2? or $500 cash?! Enter here!



I seriously can’t believe I’m leaving for BlogHer TOMORROW. I’m in disbelief, but definitely ready for the sun, the fun, the friends, the parties, the brands and the swag. Speaking of SWAG……..

Me and my awesome bloggy friends that I met at BlogHer last year (Becca from Mama B and Christa from Little BGCG) will be representing Shari Criso at BlogHer this year!

Shari Criso is the “real mom, real expert” giving real advice at the awesome weekly live web TV show,

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BlogHer11 to-do list

I have a hard time accepting things are real until they’re here, in my face. So it makes sense that BlogHer is like 4 days away and I’ve barely started on my to-do list! It will be a busy week.

Sure, I’ve done all the basics–I have a ticket and a flight (arrive at 3pm Thursday and leave at 10am Sunday) and a hotel room with 3 awesome roomies (Baby Birthing Mama, Mama B, and Read More…

Exciting news for BlogHer11

Ahhhh, BlogHer11 is less than a week away! I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. If you aren’t familiar with it, BlogHer is a huge annual conference for bloggers (mainly women)–it’s a place where we can network, connect, share ideas, attend educational sessions, meet brands, try new products, maybe party a little, and have a LOT of fun! I went last year in NY, met some amazing women that I’m still close with, and can’t wait to be in San Diego with the same ladies next week.

I have some partial sponsorships I’d like to

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