Children’s Books: friendship tales from the farm

When people ask me for gift ideas I always say you can never go wrong with books! Our kids love story time and I think most kids do—whether they are listening to you read, exploring colorful illustrations on their own, or learning to read themselves. We recently received a wonderful new series about “friendship tales from the farm” and Burton the Scarecrow.

Ryan (our 4yo) likes to listen to any and all stories and he likes to pick up the books on his own and practice reading the words (or making

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Curious Critters Volume Two by David FitzSimmons

Product was received to facilitate this review of Curious Critters. All opinions are my own.

A couple of years ago we received the book Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons. Ryan was young and we were still reading basic board books, but this book quickly became a favorite. It was a must-read every day—or, really, like 12 times a day, haha. He was fascinated by the large and bright photographs, the interesting animals, and learning all of their names.

Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons

I was thrilled to hear that a second edition was

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Highlights For Kids: gift set giveaway

Highlights has been around for over 65 years… we all remember them as kids, right?! My husband said he didn’t and I was like WHAT?! Were you living under a ROCK?! If not at home, didn’t you see them at every dentist’s and doctor’s office?! Anyyyway, I’m so thrilled with how they’ve grown and have added amazing new products–for all ages!

Highlights for kids

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Goodnight Little Me: I See Me (giveaway)

I’m a total sucker for two things: anything personalized with my kids’ names and good books. I love reading to the kids and they love story time. So shops like I See Me, full of personalized goodies, are my favorite! I was sent their newest title for review, “Goodnight Little Me,” and I got it personalized for our little girl, Rebecca.

Goodnight Little Me is an adorable bedtime story book for your little one with an entire “goodnight” parade. Bedtimes can be tough, right? We try

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do you have a Multicolor Kid? (giveaway)

I’ve talked about Flattenme and their personalized books before… we have an adorable one for Rebecca called ABCs and 123s and I even created one for Steve, my husband, called “Sir Perfect and Me.” Both of those books use a photo to make it really personalized, but Flattenme also offers books (among other products) that don’t require photos and are just personalized with names.

Flattenme’s Multicolor Kid

Multicolor Kid is Flattenme’s newest book and it became a fast favorite in our house after we were sent

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You can have YOUR all

Written in partnership with Jane Goldner – any opinions are my own.


Who doesn’t “want it all?” Especially with the ease of networking via the internet, we’re able to see what others are doing, what others are buying, and what others have. We might think our best friend or that blogger or the neighbor down the street “has it all” and we want it, too. That’s not entirely bad, because it drives us to succeed, right? It offers some motivation.


But a wonderful point made by Jane Goldner in her new book,

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DIY Reading Nook: how to turn your wagon into a reading corner

Remember that awesome Touring Wagon we got from Step2 (as a Test Drive Blogger)? It has been wonderful all summer for walks around the neighborhood, to the park, and even this fall at the apple orchard. Well, in the Midwest, fall brings cold weather and winter brings lots of snow. Wagons and other outdoor ride-on toys are stored away in the garage or basement until the season is over.

But not our Step2 wagon! We love it too much and I thought I’d get creative with ways to

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