Frog Trouble by Sandra Boynton (giveaway)

We have a ton of the children’s books written by Sandra Boynton… they are our favorite! And I say “our” because of course our kids love these books, but so do we–they’re fun to read with cute songs or rhymes and they’re clever little stories. Boynton is a bestselling children’s author and also a songwriter and music producer! We were lucky enough to receive her newest CD to review!

Ryan was thrilled when I said we were getting a Boynton CD. The kids love the books and we read one at least every

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Highlights magazines: NEW Hidden Pictures Club!

You remember growing up with Highlights magazines, right? They’ve been around for over 65 years… and everyone remembers the hidden pictures! I remember sitting in doctor or dentist offices and having Highlights to keep me busy. I am thrilled that such a wonderful company is still here for MY kids, and with new products! In addition to the classic Highlights (ages 6-12), they now have High Five (ages 2-6), and Hello (ages 0-2)!

Highlights magazines

When I was in Chicago at the end of

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BEST Board Books: Matthew Van Fleet (giveaway)

Rebecca is now well into her phase of being obsessed with books. She can say the word, will take out every single book we own from the bookcase, excitedly pick one and run over to sit in your lap so you can read together. And yes, I do mean YOUR lap–she will take a seat with anyone that comes over if it means she gets to read with you! She especially loves animals and will squeal when she sees them and try to pet them or pick them up, haha. We were

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Rebecca’s ABCs and 123s! (personalized kids book giveaway)

When Ryan was born we received a personalized kids book from family as a gift. It used the letters in his name with fun pictures and that was the first book Ryan attached to. I swear that book was the reason he learned how to spell his name! I’m thrilled to have received a personalized kids book for Rebecca from flattenme. Last year I actually created a flattenme book for Steve! Yep, they have books for us, too! It’s called “Sir Perfect and Me” and I uploaded Steve’s face for a

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Tips for The Clueless Chick!

I first met Jennifer, the mom and entrepreneur behind The Clueless Chick, at the ABC Expo in Louisville last year. I always love hearing the stories behind companies and that’s why I love attending events like ABC… to meet these people face-to-face, to meet these people that followed their dreams and created something wonderful. Jennifer has two kids and has taken her expertise and MBA background to create Tips for The Clueless Chick: “life’s contemporary CliffNotes for the modern woman!”

I was fortunate to be able to connect with Jennifer again and work with

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The Business of Baby by Jennifer Margulis

Over the past 3+ years, since my own unnecessary cesarean, I have read countless books, watched numerous films, and read every article on childbirth and maternal and newborn care. I can’t get enough. My own experience changed my life and set me on this path… this desire for not only knowledge and education, but for change.

I recently received the new book by Jennifer Margulis: The Business of Baby. In short: I couldn’t put the book down (and I have two small children that need constant attention and entertainment). Margulis really

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favorite books?

In just the few short years we’ve had children in this house, we have amassed an amazing amount of books. That’s a GREAT thing! And Ryan LOVES to read–piles and piles of books at a time, some books over and over in one sitting. Some he has memorized and can read to US! I’m always on the hunt for awesome books because that’s something you can really never have too many of. And they’ll be there for Rebecca next!

One company I LOVE is “I

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