Growth Spurts: not a reason to stop breastfeeding

I love Leading Lady and their super comfy nursing bras and tanks–I now own quite a few and wear them often! When they asked me if I’d like to be featured on their “Amy’s Corner” blog (written by Amy Berry, their IBCLC), I jumped at the chance. I love talking breastfeeding–support for new moms is tragically lacking.

This is a topic that has been tugging at me for awhile now and I’ve just needed to find the time to write about it. So PLEASE check out my post over at Leading Lady’s

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bloggers giving back: baby bash giveaway

I love bringing you guys fun baby-related giveaways because most of my readers are moms or soon-to-be moms. Lately, I’ve had more opportunities to bring you awesome stuff. This one, the Bloggers Giving Back Baby Bash, has TONS of great stuff! I have my own giveaway here for you, there’s a Diaper Cake grand prize, and links to all the other baby bash giveaways in the linky below–go check them out!


Ready for another great giveaway hop? Join the Bloggers Giving Back Baby Bash

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What a nursing toddler REALLY looks like and my thoughts on extended breastfeeding

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen or heard about the recent cover of TIME magazine. If not, it was a mom nursing her child. No biggie, right? Well, her child is 3 (actually almost 4) and is standing on a chair in order to nurse while his mom stands with a hand on her hip.

Honestly, I like the photo. YAY for breastfeeding making it to the cover and yay for awareness of extended breastfeeding. It’s the title (“Are you mom enough?”) and the blurb (about attachment parenting moms going to extremes) that

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Wordless Wednesday: blackmail

one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen… and a great story for future girlfriends 😉 Ryan says, “I feed her!”

Breastfeeding babes

After the whole debacle with Facebook removing beautiful breastfeeding photos from Earth Mama Angel Baby’s fan page, I collected nursing photos from readers to share on my blog. After I posted it, I heard from more readers who wanted their photos shared too–so here is round two!!! I love it! Sweet and beautiful pictures 🙂

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Breastfeeding photos

Not too long ago I wrote a post called Dear Facebook, boobs are made for feeding. For some reason, facebook can’t seem to handle breastfeeding photos…. so I wanted to collect some from my readers and post them here to show how beautiful and sweet and simple they are. Enjoy 🙂

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Dear Facebook, boobs are made for feeding.

You’ve probably heard a story here or there about Facebook removing a breastfeeding photo because it’s against their terms of use–because it’s inappropriate. Last night I got an email from Mama Melinda from Earth Mama Angel Baby–a company I love and respect. She said that facebook removed a breastfeeding photo from their fan page. Frustrating and annoying, yes. And then I continue reading to see that they had TWO breastfeeding photos on their page, but facebook only removed ONE of them. Let’s take a look:

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