use quality when presenting your brand { giveaway}

I’ve been to multiple conferences and blogging events where I’ve needed to hand out my business cards. This can certainly be someone’s only impression of you as they sort through the cards they’ve collected after the event. Especially at something as large as BlogHer, each person you meet isn’t likely to remember who you are.

That means your business cards need to tell your story and it’s one area I wouldn’t skimp on.

I’ve used various companies to print my business cards over the years, but I

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Blog conferences are all about the follow-up: business card test

I’ve been to the large blogging conference BlogHer twice and am about to go for my third time early next month. Business cards are a must-have when you attend conference like this because you meet so many new people…. at BlogHer, there’s a huge expo hall filled with sponsors that everyone wants to meet and many times you also throw your business card into a bucket to enter some sort of contest or giveaway. Then there are the private parties used for networking, too, and all the other bloggers you interact with.

So last

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