Ryan loves Thomas, Mommy loves Cookie’s Kids

Who doesn’t love Thomas?! Ya know… Thomas the Tank Engine. First, it started with a love for “choo-choos.” At our new house, there are tracks nearby and once in awhile we hear the trains blow their whistles as they pass through… Ryan’s eyes get all big and he yells “CHOO CHOO!”

Then, he learned the choo-choo had a name. And that the choo-choo had his own show on TV. We get up in the morning and Ryan yells, “THOMAS!”

I’ve never been a fan of licensed characters and buying that stuff for Ryan. But

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Homemade snowmen gifts for Elmer’s Holiday #GlueNGlitter

So cute, right?! I love them! I want a whole family of them! I need more sizes and shapes of water bottles! lol. Ryan had a lot of fun making these snowmen, too. We’ve been crazy making crafts this holiday season. Mainly because it keeps us busy with something fun and festive to decorate the house with, but also because I love homemade gifts. Things that Ryan helped make are the best presents for grandparents! And Ryan is super proud of them.

With all this

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Ryan’s first garden! #GoGreenNGiggle #CBias

I think we’re a pretty eco-friendly family, or at least we try to be. We recycle, have a backyard compost pile, a rain barrel to collect water… we buy organic foods and local when we can, we try to stick to all-natural products, especially for skincare and cleaning supplies… we turn off lights and appliances when not in use…

So of course we plan to raise Ryan the same way. I mean, it’s not something we really think about teaching Ryan–kids observe everything and do what their parents do.

At 2 years old, Ryan

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Fuji Apple Pear Christmas cupcakes with #ClearAmerican

The first time I witnessed someone messing with a typical cake recipe was in college… my roommate made a cake with a can of diet coke. WHAT?! That can’t possibly be tasty… right? Wrong. It tasted great. It tasted like cake! I really couldn’t tell a difference. And the point? Well, there’s a few… it’s cheaper, it’s faster and easier to make, and it’s healthier. The pop was used as a substitute for oil and eggs.

I decided to make some Christmas cupcakes and instead of using pop, I went a step further with

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Getting ready for winter! #engineluv #CBias

**Are you ready for a guest post from my husband?! Don’t get me wrong, I love cars. And engines. But when it comes to taking care of them and doing maintenance at home? I don’t have a clue. So Steve is taking over on this one… show him some bloggy love!**

Engines are a critical part of our lives and most people use some type of engine every day. Whether it’s a car, lawnmower, snowmobile or other type of engine we’re very fortunate to have these machines doing some seriously hard work for us.

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Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is really important for your health and most people are deficient. You might know that you get Vitamin D naturally from some foods, but mainly from sunlight. The problem is if you don’t get enough time in the sunlight every day or if you’re always wearing sunscreen… now that it’s winter and getting really cold out, there are some days I don’t go outside at all!

“They” all push how important calcium is for strong bones–drink that milk! But did you know that your body can’t effectively absorb calcium without vitamin D?

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snack time: mini chicken sandwiches

Ryan is a snacker. He’s a skinny kid and he just doesn’t eat a lot during one meal. So we usually have a couple snack times throughout the day… between breakfast and lunch and again between lunch and dinner. And maybe even another before bed! Meals are pretty easy. But I like to find new, fun ideas for snack time.

Ryan LOVES to “dip!” So pairing a food with a dipping sauce is almost a sure way to get the kid to eat about anything. He immediately sees the sauce and says “dip! dip!”

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