Sleeping… or a lack of

Ohhhh where do I even start.

We still co-sleep part of the night, but Ryan takes every nap in his crib and he starts out the night in there too. Usually around midnight he wakes up for the first time and that’s when I just take him into bed with me to nurse and we sleep until morning.

We went through a phase where he was restless at night (while co-sleeping) and neither of us were getting sleep. And his naps during the day? Wait, I’m sorry–his NAP (singular)

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Terrible Mom: Incident #1

If you follow me on twitter you already know all about this. I still feel sick about it, but I guess if Ryan is 5.5 months old and this is our first incidence… that’s pretty good, right?!

We co-sleep. Last night I put Ryan down at 7pm. He woke up about 8-8:30pm and Steve went in there and put him back to sleep. Around 10:30 pm I decided to go to sleep on the couch because I didn’t want to go in the bedroom and wake Ryan up. I figured I’d go in there

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We’re back to co-sleeping and lovin’ it

Apparently I forgot to knock on wood and cross my fingers and kiss my four-leaf clover. I wrote the post “It’s a miracle: swaddling” because Ryan slept most of the night after we wrapped him up in a swaddle blanket, two nights in a row!

But the 2 nights in a row after that were absolutely terrible. He was up at LEAST once an hour. Steve and I were not getting any sleep at all and we were cranky. I suggested we go back to co-sleeping and Steve reminded me that I

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It’s a miracle: swaddling

I have wonderful news! As a follow up to my post yesterday (Crib Sleeping) where I talked about how badly it was going, we tried again last night. Ryan went down at 7:30pm and from then until 9pm he was up so much that I wouldn’t even consider it sleep! Finally at 9 I got frustrated with running back and forth and decided to swaddle him. Someone suggested that in the last post and I’ve heard it before…. I never thought it’d work because Ryan loves to sleep sprawled out and kick

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Co-sleeping questions

I couldn’t tell you what we did during the night when Ryan was first born. I can’t remember.

So I’ll start with what I know… Ryan would sleep in his bassinet at night and when he woke up to eat (every 2 hours), I would get up, sit on the edge of the bed, and nurse him. When he was done, I’d put him back in his bassinet.

I can’t remember when or why, but I eventually brought Ryan into bed with me. Maybe because Steve was working nights so I had

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