I mustache you, did you Mug Up this month?

It’s a new month and a new theme for the Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up contest! Remember last month when we all took spooky Halloween photos with our mugs? This month we want to see your Mug’stache!

For years November has been known as “Movember” as men sport mustaches for the month to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. Sooo…. Mug Up! Let’s see those ‘staches!

My husband has a mustache year-round and when he

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Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up Contest: October

COFFFFFFEEEEEEEE. You guys know I love coffee. I didn’t start drinking it till I was in grad school and now I wonder how in the world I lasted so long without it. It starts my morning every single day. So I’m excited about this new contest with Dunkin’ Donuts to share with you guys!

Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up Contest

Every month through next year you can enter to win awesome prizes simply by uploading a photo of you and your coffee related to the monthly theme! Fun, right?! It’s like those photo-a-day challenges with

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Millstone Coffee’s Bean to Cup Journey: Keurig $250 kit giveaway

I received a Tasting Kit from Millstone Coffee to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own!

COFFEE. Oh my gosh, I think I should start keeping track of how often I talk about coffee on my blog. It’s 9:56pm right now and I just finished a cup…. “you might have a problem if….”

One of my favorite kinds of K-cups to buy for my Keurig is Millstone Coffee. Did you know they have one called “Foglifter?” I usually go for flavored coffee, like hazelnut, but

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Keurig OfficePRO from Staples: that was easy!

The Keurig OfficePRO was provided by Staples to facilitate this review.

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to coffee. In love with coffee, really. It’s like this: my husband is afraid of me in the morning before I have my coffee, my 3-year-old knows how to work my Keurig OfficePRO to make me a cup (and he has since he was 2), my husband leaves a coffee cup sitting out for me before he leaves for work, and he keeps my k-cups and coffee creamer stocked up so I never

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delicious pairings: Starbucks coffee and chocolate chip muffins

It’s no secret that I’m a coffee fiend. I write about it all.the.time. on here. I basically can’t survive without my morning cup and when we moved into our new house this week, I couldn’t find the Keurig. The first morning I packed the kids in the car and drove to my mom’s house to get my fix.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week, it’s that I am one cranky b without my coffee.

I don’t usually like black coffee… I use creamers or I go

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scents of the holidays: what are you favorites?

(You guys know I’m a science nerd, right?) I loved teaching my students about scent and memory because it’s something they can relate to. I mean, it’s pretty cool to be able to explain to them why a specific smell evokes certain memories…

Usually, the memory is linked to the FIRST time you encountered the smell. That means most connections are made during our childhood. Sometimes you can’t recall a specific memory so the scent just gives you an overall feeling or changes your mood (like the smell of rain makes me

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easy coffee cake crumble… in a cup!

So awhile ago I saw something on Pinterest about a brownie in a cup. Say whhhhhat?! I mean, the idea is so totally simple, yet I never ever would have thought of it. Maybe because I will always prefer making an entire tray of brownies to eat instead of just one, haha. But for real, how cute is a brownie in a cup?! So much fun for your kids to make or to serve at a dinner party!

Oh and it’s made in the microwave. Yea, EASY.

So we all know I’m a coffee

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