It’s going to be like Christmas every month at Baby Dickey!

I’ve always liked to draw and be semi-artsy, but have never considered myself a crafty person… I mean, I don’t make things. Like many other aspects of my life, having kids has completely changed that. Now, I make things. Crib sheets. Clothes. Anything with photos. Handprints EVERYWHERE. Halloween costumes. Cute food (yea, that happens). I loooove making things.

I love getting crafty and a major reason is because my kids love it, too. Ryan will drop whatever he is doing (even the iPad) if I say those 2 magical words… CRAFT TIME! He comes

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The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER.

I wrote a guest post over on the YesVideo blog today about our newest holiday tradition–our Christmas table runner. I’m so excited about it, I LOVE it!!! And my kids had a blast with the paint, as always.

So head over to my post, The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER, and check out the details so you can make your own and preserve those family holiday memories with your kids!

Merry Christmas! 🙂

DIY kids ghost shirt for Halloween

Last year we made spider shirts for Halloween with Ryan’s handprints. He was so proud of that shirt and wanted to wear it all the time… it’s a little too small now so I wanted to make new ones. And now that we have child #2, I wanted her to make a shirt, too!

I couldn’t find plain orange shirts this year so I went with the black ones. Luckily they had Rebecca’s size, too (in the boys section). Hmm… what to put

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back to school gifts for your kids

My kids aren’t old enough for school, yet, but I’m always in the “back to school” mode every August… because shortly after I graduated, I became a teacher! I’m taking time off right now while my little ones are still little, but the coming fall season will always mean school to me. In in a few short (TOO SHORT!) years, it will be my own kids in school. You see a lot of back to school gifts for TEACHERS, but I was thinking of all the fun traditions I’ll start with my kids when

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Getting crafty: homemade crib sheets and baby gowns

Awhile ago I was complaining on my facebook page that really cute crib sheets were either impossible to find or cost a lot of money (like custom ones on etsy). Someone suggested I make my own. HA! Okay, I have a sewing machine and I’m not too bad at sewing, but I’ve really only ever made baby gowns and shirts–with a pattern.

This awesome facebook fan directed me to a crib and toddler bed sheets tutorial on the Dana Made It blog. It looked way too

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New Year time capsule for Ryan

I saw this idea originally in my Family Fun magazine. Then, as the New Year got closer, I saw it all over Pinterest. So you may have seen it already, but it’s just too cute not to share. I LOVE this idea.

(picture from Family Fun)

In the picture above, the idea was to have your child write a note to themselves to read in the future. Or–especially if your kids are younger, like mine!–you can create a survey or questionnaire

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Homemade snowmen gifts for Elmer’s Holiday #GlueNGlitter

So cute, right?! I love them! I want a whole family of them! I need more sizes and shapes of water bottles! lol. Ryan had a lot of fun making these snowmen, too. We’ve been crazy making crafts this holiday season. Mainly because it keeps us busy with something fun and festive to decorate the house with, but also because I love homemade gifts. Things that Ryan helped make are the best presents for grandparents! And Ryan is super proud of them.

With all this

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