Ryan is CRAWLING! (vlogs)

Seriously, it happened overnight. He went from rocking on his knees to CRUISING. We are SO not ready for this! I thought they eased into it more? Okay, the rocking should have been a clear sign, but… we are SO not ready for this! He’s a mover. And he seems to know exactly what he’s not supposed to have or where he’s not supposed to go. Umm, baby cage, anyone? So help me out, what are the must-have baby proofing products? What do we really need and what are your favorites???

This first video

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Ryan’s attempt at crawling

I know it’s early for full-blown crawling, but Ryan is trying his hardest to slither across the floor. Or, climb over his boppy and face plant on the other side! A couple days ago we placed Ryan on his tummy, propped up on his boppy. His activity mat was in front of him and he really wanted a toy just out of his reach. We watched him push his way closer and closer… then he was no longer interested in the toy–he wanted to keep moving! He’d grunt and shriek and bury his face

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