Short in the Tooth: How to Look After Your Child’s Teeth

*Article written by Laura Gavin on caring for your children’s teeth. With two toddlers, this is timely for us as it’s nearly impossible to get them to let me help!*

Ensuring that your child has good oral hygiene is an important part of their health and well-being and will also help to guard against future problems. So when should you start brushing your child’s teeth? And which is better for brushing your teeth —a standard or electric toothbrush?

Brushing baby’s teeth

You can introduce tooth brushing into your child’s routines when

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Waterpik vs. Floss? (Aquarius Professional Water Flosser)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterpik.

Ughhhhhhh, I hate all things related to teeth. Every time I go to the dentist I want to ask WHYYY would you choose such a profession?! It baffles me. But I’m thankful they’re there 😉 Needless to say, I’m terrible about actually visiting the dentist. Now that we have kids, I want to set a good example for them… they’re totally in the “monkey see, monkey do” stage and they both want to be just like Mommy. We all brush our teeth

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When do you ask for a second opinion?

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

I can think of plenty of times just in the past year where my family sought out a second opinion. Our car needed work and we were quoted a couple thousand dollars. Eeek! Second opinion. Our new house needed painting in every bedroom and a few other rooms, too, and I requested help in picking out colors. I actually got second AND third opinions on this. My dad had a health issue earlier this year and the first opinion scared us

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