My baby is 16 months

Ryan is breastfeeding (at the park) in the picture above–you can’t even tell! My little baby boy

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Where’d my baby go?

This weekend I got to see my friends’ two-month-old baby girl. So teeny tiny!!! And I was thinking…. Ryan was teeny tiny… then he started crawling and walking… and all of a sudden–like there was NO time to prepare–he started talking (a few words), climbing, running, throwing, understanding, imitating, drinking from a cup and feeding himself with a spoon and fork. WHERE’D MY BABY GO?!?!

Were you around when I was pregnant

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First puddle exploration

Ryan was at my mom’s house the other day while I was at work and he found his first puddle!!! Thank goodness my mom caught it on camera. It’s hilarious–at first he has no idea what’s going on, but then he has to run over it over and over and fall in it and run in it. Too cute! I’m not biased either, it’s really that great. So you should watch it 😉

It’s fascinating to see his mind working and growing every single day. Amazing. Love.

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13 months: developmental milestones

When Ryan turned one, I wrote a post about making milestones and decided to keep it up. He’s now 13 months (almost 14!) so let’s check it out… thanks to

13 months old

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): *uses 2 words skillfully *bends over and picks up an object

Ohhh, Ryan’s a pro! He easily bends and grabs and here’s a list of words he says, off the top of my head: hi, mama, dada, kitty cat, cracker, milk, stop

Emerging skills (half of

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Updates on the lil man

I’ve just been thinking about Ryan and what’s new – things I should have included in his 6-month birthday post! So for my own general “records,” here’s some random stuff:

*he’s in size 3 diapers and has been there for awhile – and will probably stay there for awhile

*he now has 2 teeth. The second came yesterday and there’s a third working its way out too! Poor lil guy has been pretty miserable over it.

*we missed his 6 mo ped appt (ooops!) so no updates there. I’m guessing he’s… 18 lb,

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