5 OTHER uses for diaper rash cream

~This post was written in a partnership with Pinxav. Any opinions are my own.

Okay, moms, we’ve all been there. We all have some sort of diaper rash cream or ointment on hand, we’ve all wiped it on the baby’s bottom. Did you know 75% of babies will develop diaper rash at least once every six months? Eeek. We try to prevent it and when it comes, we treat it. Lots of diaper rash creams create a barrier to repel more wetness against the skin, right? But do they also help soothe and heal?

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Munchkin’s Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail

*Guest review by Mama Contributor Joanna. Product was received, but all opinions are her own!

When people say you are up to your elbows in poop when you have children….They aren’t kidding. Sometimes it amazes me how much waste my baby creates! Thinking back to when I registered for her (coming up on 2 years ago) I realize I should have paid more attention to products geared towards cleaning up and containing bodily excretions. Oh man! We have so much now–diapers, wipes, creams, changing table…. diaper pail! It’s a big deal and I do

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Diaper Daisy: grand re-opening giveaway!

YAY! Diaper Daisy is BACK! Mom-owned, this adorable online shop is run by Jess and Robyn and 5 (soon-to-be 6!) diapered lil babies! You can fill all of your cloth diapering needs here and–best of all–learn all about cloth if you’re new to it. Steve and I were slow to start cloth because we were so overwhelmed with all the different kinds and terms and information online–AH! At Diaper Daisy, you can get a run down on all the

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