Homemade playdough goo tutorial

When we took a road trip 5 hours from here, I wanted LOTS of things for Ryan to do in the car so he’d stay happy (and I’d stay sane). I thought of making homemade play-doh, but thought that could get messy in the car so I made something similar–GOO!

And since we used it on a road trip, I kept the goo in plastic bags. Maybe not AS fun for the kid, haha, but still lots of fun to mix up and smoosh around! TIP:

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How to make a pregnant skeleton costume for Halloween

Pregnant Skeleton Costume

A long time ago my friend Kristin emailed me a Halloween costume idea and I fell in love. It was a homemade pregnant skeleton costume–complete with a skeleton baby–and a matching set for the dad with whatever he loves in his belly! I was dead set on making these for us and with Halloween still months away, I thought I had PLENTY of time even though we were closing on a new house on Halloween.

I was

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Thanksgiving craft ideas

I remember doing crafts with my mom when I was a kid, but don’t think I’m particularly a crafty person. Or, at least, I wasn’t. But now that I’m a stay-at-home mom? I love doing projects with Ryan and it’s something fun to fill our days. He gets really proud of things he has made, too!

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas:

leaf printed napkins

Stuff cheap placemats with stuffing and sew back

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Craft time! DIY spider shirts for Halloween

I saw this idea on the Babies Rabies blog–she made them for Halloween last year and I thought they would be such a fun project to do with Ryan! And a great way to look like the nerdiest family ever, all in matching spider-hand-print orange t-shirts, haha.

First: find some plain orange shirts! I went to Walmart first–mistake #1. I couldn’t find any! But I had awesome luck at Target. Ryan’s shirt was on sale for $6, mine was on sale for $8 and

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Puppet theater DIY tutorial

I think puppet theaters are sooo cute–and what a great way to get your kid to have some imaginative play time!–but some of the ones out there you can buy are so expensive.

I wanted something for Ryan to do with his great-grandma when he goes to visit… I thought putting on puppet shows was a great idea! Plus, my grandma lives at an assisted-living place and everyone there gets so excited when Ryan comes to visit–I mean, he’s so cute, I don’t blame them 😉 so I thought

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