Your questions about c-sections & labor

I received a few questions by email and post comments about labor and c-sections… I thought I’d try to be helpful to everyone and answer them here:

Question: Did I practice any pain management techniques? Do I think they’d be helpful? Answer: We decided to do the Bradley Method (husband-coached childbirth). But we didn’t take a class, we only read the book (both Steve and I read it). Honestly, we didn’t find it very helpful. It starts by trying to pump you up- like, yea you can do it! And it talks a lot

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Birth Story: pitocin to c-section

After writing the pitocin post yesterday, I cried for awhile. Just one of those nights. I talked about it for awhile on twitter (actually, I more just read what other people had to say and didn’t do much talking). Two things I noticed:

1) An incredible amount of people have a similar story. Why is it so “normal” to receive a c-section these days, especially unnecessary and most likely unwanted ones? What is wrong with medical staff that this is what it has come to? Everyone just wants to get home and when someone

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Birth Story: epidural to pitocin

The reasons I think I ended up getting pitocin (when I went in not wanting it AT ALL):

1) when you’re asked 4 times if it can be given to you, each time wears you down

2) I was told I should be dilating 1 cm every hour, on average, but that I was “stuck” at 5 cm for 4 hours

3) A huge reason I never wanted pitocin was because of the more painful contractions it causes. But because I ended up getting the epidural and could feel no pain, I figured… why

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Birth Story: pain meds

Read the start of labor here: Going into Labor

We arrived around 4am and got right into a room (the entire place was empty!) where they hooked me up to the heartbeat and contraction monitor. The nurse was asking all these questions and every time I had a contraction, I’d have to concentrate and not talk–she seemed almost annoyed or impatient with that, which made me feel rushed. That was surprising because… isn’t that their job? Don’t all women in labor get quiet during a contraction? Anyway, she checked my dilation

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Going into labor

I’d say slight contractions started the night of Christmas Eve. Of course, I’d been having contractions for the past 2 months so when I say “slight contractions started,” I mean different contractions… stronger contractions, just enough to make me uncomfortable. And just enough to make us all sure I’d be at the hospital on Christmas day.

Christmas baby? Nope. Steve and I spent the entire day at home because my contractions were stronger and I was super uncomfortable. But they never progressed into something closer, stronger, longer. That night… they got worse and quite

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Inducing a late baby and my doctor's thoughts

Due date has come and gone. We went to the doctor on Monday (40+3 weeks) to make sure all was still okay and to see what was going on.

Weight: 146.6 Blood pressure: 112/62

Non-Stress Test: I was having contractions so the nurse kept saying it must be time, but I told her that I’d been having those contractions for almost 2 months. Nothing exciting! My OB came in to check and said “hmm, how far along are you?” – UH, 40 weeks, I just saw you 4 days ago! Baby’s heart rate was

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Doctor Appointment: last one?

I went to the doctor this morning… I’m one day away from my due date!

Weight: 148. I now weigh more than Steve’s little (20yr old) brother, haha. Total weight gain of 32 pounds.

Blood pressure: 110/62

Fundal height: 35—he’s moving down, she said

Baby’s heart rate: I have no idea what she said. She heard it mid-belly and was worried that meant he was breech (same thing happened last week). I was too focused on that and the fact that she said if he IS breech, I’d be having a c-section tomorrow.

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