15 Clean Eating Breakfast Smoothies

Steve and I are working hard to improve our diet. We’re meal planning, removing a lot of added sugar and dairy, and clean eating as much as we can. It’s amazing how much it has improved our lives—we feel better and have more energy. Mornings can be hard as we rush to get out the door so I created this collection in partnership with foodie.com for 15 clean eating breakfast smoothies! A great way to get your protein, fruits, and veggies.

Check out Clean Eating Breakfast Smoothies

by Emily Dickey at

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Win a year of McCafe coffee: show us your best mug!


noun, often attributive

: a dark brown drink made from ground coffee beans and boiled water

Also known as…….. my lifeline.

I partnered with Jewel-Osco to share this information about the NEW McCafe coffee you can find in their stores! Depending on where you live, you can also find the McDonald’s McCafe coffee at Albertsons, Shaws, Star Market, and Acme Markets.

Want to win free McCafe coffee for a year?! YES, PLEASE!

Enter the McCafe Mug Pix contest for your chance to win coffee for a year! It’s really easy to

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14 Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm

It’s freezing outside, there’s snow on the ground, and we all want to keep warm and have a little fun! We’ve already been to one holiday party this season and have a few more to go, plus three birthdays this month! So I partnered with Foodie to bring you these recipes for 14 DELICIOUS Winter Cocktails!

Check out 14 Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm

by Emily Dickey at Foodie.com

Check out my Winter Cocktails to Keep You Warm collection over at foodie.com.

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Family Adventures at the Movies! #AMCandCocaColaFreestyle

~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola and AMC Theatres. Any opinions are my own!

When I was little, we had a family tradition of going to see a movie in the theaters every Christmas Eve. My cousins would be in town visiting and we’d all go together! The movies are a great family getaway, especially in this cold winter weather. Since having two little ones of our own, we haven’t really had a chance to get to the movies often. But they’re growing up (so fast!) and taking them to the movies will start

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Planning a Girls’ Night In: Raspberry Coconut Daiquiri

I love my kids, of course, but I love my mama time, too. I think some girls’ nights are an absolute must to save sanity! I have great groups of friends to get me out of the house once in awhile—the local moms club has a monthly “moms’ night out” and a group of friends I’ve known forever also tries to get together once a month! We usually take turns hosting and making dinner, sometimes we do something crafty, but we definitely always hang out and chat.

Planning a girls’ night in

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Juicer Recipe: Red Reviver

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Monk Fruit In The Raw. I received a promotional item and product sample as a thank you for participating.

We often buy Sugar In The Raw so I’m excited to try their new Monk Fruit In The Raw! It’s a wholesome, zero-calorie sweetener, made from delicious vine-ripened monk fruit native to South East Asia and it has the clean, sweet taste of sugar. You can use it as a reduced sugar and calorie option, like in this following juicer recipe (Read More…

Caza Trail & Grove Square Coffees (giveaway)

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sturm Foods, Inc. I received a promotional item and product samples as a thank you for participating.

Caza Trail & Grove Square

We all know this is how I feel about my coffee. It’s the first thing I do every day and if I don’t have my coffee, I feel it. And you will KNOW it, haha. My husband does the grocery shopping and, trust me, he never forgets the k-cups or my favorite coffee creamer. He doesn’t want to go

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