Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-rella

~Product was received to facilitate this review of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie-rella DVD. All opinions are my own.

Cinderella is my favorite Disney movie and my kids both LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse so when I heard about the new Cinderella-inspired Minnie-rella movie, I was super excited! MAYBE more excited than my kids, haha, but when they saw the DVD they couldn’t wait to watch it. “MICKEY!!!!” Ryan told his preschool class that his dream is to go to Disney World and meet Mickey, haha.

All of our Clubhouse friends want to

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Mickey Mouse DVD: Super Adventure!

Mickey Mouse is a classic and will always be a favorite. Ryan loves him and all his pals (Goofy is his favorite!) and Rebecca is learning about Mickey now, too. Or… “Kee!” as she calls him, haha. Ryan talks about going to Mickey’s Clubhouse and meeting all of them… someday! So of course we had to get the new Mickey Mouse DVD: Super Adventure!

This Mickey Mouse DVD is a new full-length adventure with Mickey and his friends, plus 3 more bonus episodes!

Zoom! Wow! It’s Super Mickey, Wonder

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The Little Mermaid II & Ariel’s Beginnings: on DVD today!

I’m thrilled that Ryan is currently in love with The Little Mermaid… because I loved it when I was a kid, but more so because now I get to sing those songs all over again πŸ˜‰ Every time he watches, I start singing, and he tells me to stop, hahaha. So I’m super excited about the new 2-movie collection that was released on Blu-ray and DVD TODAY!!! November 19th! We were sent a copy to review.

This 2-movie set include The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginnings and The Little Mermaid

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Jake’s Never Land Rescue: Nov 19 – pre-order now!

Ryan loves Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, fairies, and pirates… all of it. We’re even having a pirate-themed 4th birthday party for him next month! And it allllll started with Jake and the Never Land Pirates! We were recently sent the new DVD, Jake’s Never Land Rescue, and Ryan couldn’t have been more thrilled when it arrived. I wish a new movie could make me skip and hop around the house in circles, haha.

In this movie, Never Land is starting to disappear, bits and pieces at a time… Jake’s sword,

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Wish I could be… part of that world!

~I received product to facilitate this review of The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray/DVD. All opinions are my own!

I want allllllll the Disney movies. I remember going over to my 2nd grade teacher’s house when I was a little kid (why? I have no idea), but I DO remember that she had a bookshelf FULL of Disney movies. I mean, like every one ever. And I.was.jealous. It instantly became my life goal, haha. Now with the new releases on Blu-ray and DVD (and, oh yea, it’s FOR THE KIDS, I

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Peter Pan’s Return to Neverland!

Ryan is loving all things PIRATE right now. It started when he discovered Jake and the Neverland Pirates… since then he pretends to be a pirate, steering his ship (the swingset) in our backyard, yelling “ahoy!” and keeping us all safe from the “bad” pirates. It’s been too much fun (maybe a pirate themed birthday party this winter?!) so when I was sent Peter Pan: Return to Neverland for review I couldn’t wait to show him!

Ryan’s best pirate face, complete with a “born to be wild” pirate shirt! (Cozumel)

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Never Grow Up! Peter Pan’s 60th anniversary

If you could be a kid for a day, what would you do?! Finger paint, be a superhero, or make mud pies? My husband excitedly said, without any hesitation at all, “build a snow fort!!!” And then he went into a story from his childhood–adorable πŸ™‚

There are a million amazing things about having kids, but one of the best is being a kid myself. I mean, I build forts with Ryan, sometimes we eat cookies for breakfast (shhh!), I roll around on the floor and get silly… they keep me young!

In honor

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