Merry Christmas 2011

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my baby boy is two years old

Dear Ryan,

You’re TWO! Mama can’t even believe it, where’d my baby boy go? That picture seems like yesterday and so do all of my memories of our first two years together. It has flown by… please, please, please don’t get any bigger!

You are quite the chatterbox now! You repeat everything you hear and you say and learn something new every day. You name things that I’m not even sure where you heard the word before! And you say some super cute things too like “oopsie daisy” when you drop something

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Ryan’s first pony ride at the apple orchard!

Last weekend we took Ryan to the apple orchard. They have the most amazing cider donuts, so that’s where we started. YUM. It was an unusually hot day for October–like 80 degrees–it was beautiful!

Then we went into the animal barn… Ryan literally tried to climb through the fence to get in the pen with the chickens. He stuck his arms through, tried to climb it, and almost put his head all the way through, haha.

The playground area had a big pirate ship that Ryan went up and down, over and over and

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Ahhh, I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! And I haven’t! The middle of May was finals week at school so I was creating and grading exams and submitting scores, etc. That week was also our 3-year wedding anniversary and we went away that weekend, just for a night (without Ryan). Then we spent Memorial Day weekend at the lakehouse up north and then I left for Colorado to visit my brother. I went with Ryan and my mom (Steve couldn’t take off work) and we were gone for

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Happy anniversary!

I don’t know if I’ve ever written about how Steve and I met. We were in our junior year of high school, but we went to different schools. We went to the same youth group every Wednesday night, each with our own group of friends. One day, I get an email from him… he told me that I was beautiful and he wanted to get to know me. Then at the end he put “PS. cute feet.”

I had NO IDEA who he was. Steve? Steve who?! We didn’t start dating for another 9

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My baby is 16 months

Ryan is breastfeeding (at the park) in the picture above–you can’t even tell! My little baby boy

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I need a new Caribbean island.

When I met Steve, he HATED flying. Just like he hated roller coasters and anything else adventurous. How did we end up together, again?! That’s the complete opposite of me: adventure defined by a mom.

So when we got engaged and started discussing honeymoon plans, let’s just say he was NOT happy about my idea to go to the Caribbean. I, however, won that argument, and off we went to St. Lucia!

Sooo, I’d like to take credit for Steve’s new love of travel and adventure 🙂 He’s always talking about

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