My donation for Champions for Kids

Last week I wrote about Champions for Kids and the current campaign with Energizer to “Light Up a Life” and help children in need across America. This simple service project includes putting together a care kit for local children. Especially during these cold winter months, it’s so important we’re helping in every way we can so that these children can have their basic needs met.

So in the past week, I went out to put together my own care kit. It was really easy because I was out grocery shopping

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Champions for Kids

For me, it will always be all about the children. I’m interested in learning more about any organization or event that benefits children across the world or in local communities. That is why I’m happy to share this information with you–Champions for Kids.

Champions for Kids works to mobilize millions of people (= YOU!) to improve the lives of children across America and beyond. Their goal? To mobilize 20 million by 2020…. let’s help!!! YOU can help change the life of millions of kids, for generations

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