Great Gifts for Dad at Best Buy

Written in partnership with Best Buy. Any opinions are my own.

Last month I talked about some great gifts for mom for mother’s day and now we’re already getting ready for Father’s Day! There are some wonderful men in my life that deserve to be celebrated and I’ve found some great gifts for dad…

Is the dad in your life: an entertainer, a gizmo guru, a fitness fanatic, or a memory maker?

My husband and father of our two kids is definitely an entertainer!

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homemade Father’s Day gifts

Ryan was a sweetheart for Father’s Day this year 🙂 He made his dad and grandpas some awesome (semi-)homemade gifts! Each one got their own coffee mug to use at work that Ryan decorated all by himself! He’s an artist, really.

Okay, we broke one cup and I had to make an emergency run to get another one… and he wanted to spend all him time coloring only the bottom of the cup…. but after we got around those issues, it was great! And we had so much fun!

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