Best Foliage Plants for Your Garden

We have so many spaces in our yard that need gardening work from the previous owners. Empty pots in the front yard, an open garden on the side of the house, a triangular shaped piece in the far end of the backyard…. I never know where to start! But I want our home to look great and I want to enjoy the scenery so here are some tips for the best foliage plants for your garden.

Designing a garden that goes beyond blooms with a healthy dose of foliage plants can really add more

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Happy Spring! Potted bulbs with Longfield Gardens

Can you believe it’s spring?! This winter has been pretty brutal and we still have some snow on the ground here (we hadn’t seen the grass since late November until now!) with freezing temps. I always hate the cold weather anyway, but I’m sooo over this season. I’ve already pulled out the flip flops and t-shirts and packed away the sweaters. Spring means hoodies, robins in the trees, iced coffee, walks outside with the kids, days at the park, and flowers. We can’t have spring without the flowers!

In the fall I wrote about

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wordless wednesday: one little flower