6 ways to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables

Those days when my little toddler used to eat everything in sight? I miss those days. Now he has suddenly become he super picky eater and I better know his “rules” about his food or he won’t be eating. For example: heaven forbid if different foods on his plate are touching each other! Thank goodness for bento boxes and divided plates 😉 He also can’t have any “crumbs,” as he calls them—that basically means no toppings. No cheese sprinkled on his eggs or pasta, no pepper (visible, at least), no sprinkles on his cake!!!,

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14 Fresh & Fruity Spring Pies: Celebrate Pi Day!

~This post on spring pies was written in a partnership with foodie.com. All opinions are my own!

When I was in high school I had the best math teacher ever. Okay, maybe math was my favorite subject anyway, but this teacher celebrated PI DAY! You know that number, 3.14? 3.14159 is as much as I ever remembered of the entire number, which is never-ending, but 3.14 is March 14th… Pi Day! Our calculus teacher would bring in a bunch of pies and we’d spend the period eating 🙂 YUM.


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Tasty Tuesday: Banana Graham Cracker Smoothie

I haven’t posted a new recipe in a while because Ryan was sick for three weeks…yea it was pretty fun…so here we go…Our biggest problem so far has been to get Ryan to eat enough to gain wait. Since he’s been feeling better he has been eating everything in sight, but has also been having some digestive issues as a result (don’t worry, no pictures and I’ll just leave it at that!), so Steve and I have been reading a lot about probiotics as an attempt to strengthen up his gut

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