Monster Bash!!

Ryan’s 1st birthday is coming up… can you believe it?!?!! I know, I can’t either!! This year has flown by. Ok, I know it’s still 2.5 months away, but that’s going to disappear inaflash. Before I know it, he’s going to be shaving! And driving a car! And going away to college! Sob, sob.

While the event may be bittersweet… I’m pretty excited about the party. I started planning it awhile ago and we decided on a monster theme! Clearly because Ryan is a little monster. A CUTE monster 🙂

So, along with Katie

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My Baby Experts Party: LIVE FROM VEGAS!

Every Monday night, we’re be hosting an online party with specialist Shari Criso! During each episode, Shari will be answering YOUR questions – whether they’re about breastfeeding, birth, how to calm and soothe a baby, sleep issues, cloth diapering, vaccinations, etc! ANYTHING! Everyone is welcome! Please RSVPeach week (to be eligible for PRIZES!) and submit your questions for Shari ahead of time using the form below.

Why? To offer support, encourage

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Ryan went swimming!

Today was disgustingly hot. 90 degrees and humid. I decided to try out Ryan’s new swimsuit and head to my mom’s house to swim in her “hot” tub. On the way over, I stopped at the store to get some swim diapers and a floaty for Ryan to sit in. I have a sling that I can wear in the water, but I thought the floaty would be fun for him to kick around in. He LOVED it! His little legs were kicking away and he was splashing all over, it was the cutest

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