New Action Cameras: GoPro at Best Buy!

I’m totally an adventure-seeker. I love a good adrenaline rush! Since having kids I haven’t had too many adventures (beyond raising two toddlers, haha), but the love for it will never leave me! I’ve gone skydiving in New Zealand, swam in the ocean with wild dolphins, snorkeled the great barrier reef, swam with stingrays, explored underground caves, climbed a waterfall, and I loooooove an amazing roller coaster ride.

With little kids, the adventures are certainly still there, maybe just not as wild and crazy (yet). Family vacations, water parks, sledding, horse riding, and

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ALL your problems can be solved!

…………………….. with WHY CRY! Are you ready for this? I was out shopping and this package on the shelf with the picture of a baby caught my eye. I mean, I’m pretty familiar with every baby product possible, so what could this be?!

Originally $120?! With a recent sale price of $80… and now only $17.99?! It’s a baby crying analyzer. So NOW you will know why your baby is crying. This fancy little thing even has a temperature and humidity detector.

And when your baby

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