Celebrate Spring! I’m giving away a photo book!

Yayyyyy, SPRING!!! I love the month of April. Yea, it’s my birthday month! But it’s also the start of spring and I love the rain… it’s supposed to rain here all weekend and I LOVE it! April showers bring May flowers! I’m such a kid. May-Day Baskets!!! Who else is going to make some?! Wow, this intro was really all over the place… are you as excited for Spring? Bring on the warm weather!

So what’s your Spring Celebration Announcement?

Is there a graduation in the

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New Mom? Preggo? Don’t miss this!

I know some of you don’t read my Giveaways blog so I wanted to give you a heads up… I am super excited to be able to offer one super lucky mom over $1100 in pregnancy and baby products!!! This Baby Shower event has been going on for over a month and I’m finally choosing a winner tomorrow (Saturday) night!

So if you know of a mama or a lovely preggo, send them over or enter for them, one winner takes all! ((Sorry, US and Canada

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Wordless Wednesday: an Oompa Loompa’s first snow

Over $1500 in prizes on Monday night!!!

I hope you’ve been joining me and Shari Criso and all the other wonderful mamas (and dads!) on Monday nights for the My Baby Experts live video parties! Every week we’ve had an awesome sponsor giving away prizes and this Monday night, December 9th, from 8-10pm EST, we’re having a TWO HOUR FINALE!* We’ll have guest experts on the show, a LIVE audience (whoohoo!) and, as always, Shari answering your questions. This

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I’m a breastfeeding (& pumping) mama {$340 Simplisse Breast Pump giveaway!}

Ryan is 10.5 months old and is still breastfed. My original goal was always to make it to one year, but now that it’s *so close* to being here, I can’t imagine stopping yet. I work outside the home part-time (5 days a week) and need to pump while I’m away to keep up my supply and so Ryan can have milk while I’m gone. Recently I was lucky enough to receive the brand new double electric breast pump from Read More…

What’s best for our cats?

Corny, but, World’s Best Cat Litter really is the world’s best. Ask my hubby… he’s the one that cleans the cat litter (I know, I’m lucky!) and after using this stuff he’s the one that came up with that corny line… he loves it! The only problem was that it wasn’t being sold at our grocery stores or Target so we’d have to make an extra trip to the pet store to get it.

NOT ANYMORE! (Ya know, it’s REALLY sad to think about the things that excite you as you get older…. cat

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Do you want a $600 iCandy Apple Stroller?

I hope by now you know about our weekly online video parties with expert Shari Criso every Monday night! We give away awesome prizes each week AND a GRAND PRIZE: a $600 iCandy Apple Stroller! I know you’re drooling, so am I! I only wish I had a chance to win it too 😉

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