holding on to the memories

Some of you know that my grandpa passed away December 2009, just a few short weeks before my son was born… my grandpa’s first grandchild. I think of him a lot. Day to day there are passing things that make me think of him for a short while–the certain way I say or hear a word, classical music on the radio, the moon in the sky, even my son’s blue eyes. My grandpa was the kindest person I’ve ever known… he always had a smile for you and he was the type of person

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Ryan’s special place

When I was little, we always had “Family Night” one night a week. My brother and I would get alone time with our mom or dad–each week we’d switch off who was with who. Sometimes we’d stay in and play games and sometimes we’d go out–to an arcade, park, to dinner, etc. But the COOLEST place ever, was our “special place.” My dad would take us here and as a little kid, I had no idea where we were. But I now know that just down the street from our house, there was nothing

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Syttende Mai: a holiday, anniversary and birthday

Today is a very important day. Syttende Mai (17th of May) is the Norwegian Constitution Day.. the National Day of Norway. We’re Norwegian, if you didn’t know already… my mom is 100%. Her dad, my grandpa, lived in Norway for awhile as a kid and we visited family there in 2003.

Today is also my grandpa’s birthday… he would be 84. He passed away a few weeks before Ryan was born. It’s easy not to think about it, with how busy I am. I am still pretty angry that the timing worked out how

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Wordless Wednesday: grandpa

My little sailor man

My grandpa was in the Navy and my husband always called him Sailor. It was cute 🙂 As many of you know, my grandpa passed away in December a couple weeks before Ryan was born….

My mom bought Ryan this little Sailor’s outfit from Hartstrings and I brought him over to her house on Saturday in the outfit to surprise her on her birthday. She took some pics–and even put my grandpa’s hat from the Navy on him. Too cute! 🙂

Then…. Ryan had enough! He started crying, which turned

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