Recycling Tips to Make it a Habit #TurnItGreen!

We’ve always been good about recycling as much as we can, limiting waste, and reusing when possible. I mean, we both have environmental related degrees (his in engineering, mine in the sciences) so what can you expect?! There are all kinds of tips and tricks out there to teach your kids about recycling, but I think learning by doing is the best way! Kids will grow up doing what they know. If recycling is always a part of our lives, it will be a part of theirs—because it’s just what you do. I partnered

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5 QUICK tips for going green

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Green Works. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I think our family is pretty eco-friendly and we try to live “green” as much as we can. Sometimes the idea of going green can be overwhelming or you think it’s too time consuming or too expensive. I feel your pain! Some aspects of it certainly can be… so ya know what? You do what you can. Every little

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“I’m up high, mom!” (BecoStep giveaway)

Since Rebecca has arrived, Ryan definitely wants to be baby again, too… from nursing or asking for a bottle to being rocked and carried. But if you ask him, “Ryan, are you my baby boy or are you a big boy?” He will proudly exclaim, “I’m a BIG BOY, mom!” And every single day he amazes me with the “big boy” things he does.

Ryan loves to wash his hands at the sink (or just play in the water, you know), turn lights on and off, get mommy and daddy ice and water from

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Ryan’s first garden! #GoGreenNGiggle #CBias

I think we’re a pretty eco-friendly family, or at least we try to be. We recycle, have a backyard compost pile, a rain barrel to collect water… we buy organic foods and local when we can, we try to stick to all-natural products, especially for skincare and cleaning supplies… we turn off lights and appliances when not in use…

So of course we plan to raise Ryan the same way. I mean, it’s not something we really think about teaching Ryan–kids observe everything and do what their parents do.

At 2 years old, Ryan

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We compost, do you?

We’re all about being green, recycling, and all that good jazz. We’ve had gardens in the past, but we’re in a new house and didn’t have time to set one up this year. However, we DID start composting. My hubby made a nice little compost pile in our backyard….

Pretty, right? Okay, okay, it’s an eye-sore. I know. Can someone tell my hubby that? But what to do… we want to compost, we want it for our garden next year, we love putting waste to use.

TA-DA! Clean

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