How To Get Your Toddler To Love The Pool!

Guest Post

I watched my sister Linda as she took her toddler out to the family pool for the first time and I even got to help with the orientation. It was fascinating to see how Linda worked with the youngster, to make sure his first pool experience was positive. Here’s what she did:

She started slow. Linda is great at doing research on a new topic, so that’s what she did with her toddler and the pool. She read that it is best to start early and allow the child to just get

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Birth with Balance: share your birth story

I was recently contacted by Chelsea from the website Birth with Balance. She has created a forum and a community for birth stories and she shared both of mine–the coerced cesarean in the hospital and the VBAC homebirth. I love what she’s doing (she’s also due any moment now with her homebirth baby!) and wanted to share this resource with all of you… this is a guest post written by Chelsea, so check it out!


As a labor and delivery nurse I am truly passionate about the process of childbirth. Though

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Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect: guest post

*guest post*

It’s a sad truth, but child abuse does exist in our society. In fact, it happens much more than most of us think. The reason is because many of us are not aware of the signs and symptoms of child abuse. The signs that we are aware of are the obvious ones such as physical marks, bruises, scratches etc…But many of the signs and symptoms of it exist in the child’s mental state. So what signs then are we supposed to look out for if we think a

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Homebirth guest post

**Jennifer is a lovely woman I met online. She was reading my blog and saw my lists of things we still needed for our homebirth… she had some items leftover from her own homebirths and she very kindly and generously sent them to me. I appreciate it SO MUCH! I asked her if she’d type up a guest post about her homebirth so I could share it with all of you. Please say hi and show Jennifer some love! If you have ANY questions for her, feel free to leave them in the comments

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Big Announcements from Nutrisystem!

**a guest post from my mom who is working on a weight loss program with Nutrisystem!**

There are several new announcements from @Nutrisystem and I am lucky enough to be a part of it! No, I have not started the program yet, but pretty soon! They have announced that Janet Jackson is the new spokesperson along with a brand new program called SUCCESS. I can’t wait to read all about it and to have support from Janet by reading about her weight loss success! Also, Nutrisystem and Ms. Jackson have

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New Eating Habits with Christmas Cookies?!

**guest post from my mom who is reviewing the Nutrisystem program!**

I just wanted to post and say that I have not yet started my Nutrisystem Program. I have been so busy with holiday preparations and whatever else it is I do that I haven’t had much time to study the information and do the program justice. By that I also mean that I’m a little afraid of “failure” around the holiday season… maybe not a little, but A LOT afraid. I LOVE to bake Christmas

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Placental encapsulation

Not too long ago I wrote a post about Anderson Cooper discussing placental encapsulation on his talk show and why I’ve decided to do it after this birth. One of my great friends from college, Sheena at Diapers Full of Blarney, wrote this guest post for me on the topic so please read on and show her some love!


After the birth of my son I felt elated, energized and as if I were on cloud nine. I had

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