Halloween with Animal Jam: Night of the Phantoms

T-minus 4 days to Halloween! We’ve been scarfing all-things-pumpkin, working on costumes, and decorating with spiderwebs and skeletons. Now let’s have some fun!

Ryan heads to Animal Jam for interactive playground fun and I head to their Academy for all kinds of new ideas on crafts and activities. So, what do they have up their sleeve for Halloween? LOTS OF FUN!

Night of the Phantoms!

You can find an entire Pinterest board of Halloween crafts. I had Ryan (our 4-year-old) look through and decide

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5 ways to celebrate fall

It’s crazy how much I love fall because I’m totally a flip-flop-wearing, beach-loving, summer sunshine kinda girl. But it’s just so…. cozy! I love hoodies and fuzzy blankets, I love warm coffee cups and hot chocolate, I love soups and pumpkin EVERYTHING. So, as we head into October, here are 5 easy & fun tips to celebrate fall.

The only reason I have not yet fully decorated our home for fall is because the boxes of decor were put underneath lots of other heavy decor boxes (for other seasons and holidays!) and

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Fashionably Festive Jamberry Giveaway!

Okay, you’ve all heard about Jamberry Nails by now, riiiiight?!?! But have you tried them yet? Here’s a good chance to win 2 sets! Sign My Shirt and So Jam Cute have teamed up to bring you this FUN and festive Halloween giveaway.

First of all–is the shop name So Jam Cute not SO JAM CUTE?! I love her. She’s giving away two sets of Jamberry Nails: Candy Corn for you and Jacks & Corns for your little one. A fun Mommy & Me set! If you

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A sugar-free Halloween: candy alternatives for trick-or-treat

Yes, everyone loves all the candy on Halloween, and I won’t lie and say I don’t eat it, too. But OMG ALL THE CANDY. Our kids are little (almost 4yo and 20 months old) so we really just trick-or-treat on our block and we still come home with mounds of candy. My kids don’t need all of that–and my husband and I can’t even help them eat it all.

This year we went straight to toys to pass out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. My husband warned me that if we didn’t pass out candy,

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DIY Fairy Costume for Girls

I just posted about the DIY Fairy Costume for Boys that I made for Ryan this year. He was in charge this Halloween and decided that him and his little sister, Rebecca, would both be fairies. Daddy will be Peter Pan and I will be Tinkerbell! He also made it clear that because there isn’t much pixie dust left (it comes from far, far away, you know), Rebecca and I will have to stay grounded as there’s only enough for him to fly……. haha. So here’s my Fairy Costume for Girls!

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DIY Fairy Costume for Boys

Ryan first fell in love with pirates because of that TV show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” So of course I had to show him Peter Pan, one of our childhood favorites. And then? He became obsessed with Tinkerbell… and we saw the Tinkerbell movies… and he loves allllll the fairies. One day we got some pixie dust (from far far away!) and the poor kid was so disappointed when it didn’t make things fly!

Anyway, with Halloween coming up I had been asking him what he wanted to be…. a fairy, OF COURSE!

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T-shirt Halloween Costume Ideas

I always have big plans for our Halloween costumes. Two years ago I created homemade skeleton costumes, mine was even preggo with a skeleton baby, and last year our family of 4 went as Wizard of Oz. I do more for the kids’ costumes, of course, and usually end up short on time to create much for the husband and me. I love simple and super easy t-shirt Halloween costume ideas…. costumes that are mainly based on just a t-shirt. Like… taking a

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