HGG: sleep better with SHEEX {+ giveaway}

Ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goodness. You seriously have to feel these sheets for yourself to believe it, but for now you’ll have to take my word for it. BEST SHEETS EVER.

I first met the SHEEX team at BlogHer, so I was able to see and FEEL their products first hand. I was in love. And now I got to test out a set of their sheets for our own bed…….. heaven.

Okay, so what is SHEEX? Simply put, the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets.

Soooooooooo ridiculously soft, I

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HGG: BIGGEST giveaway of the year {$900 iPad package}

I adore our iPad and I use it allllll the time. So does Steve and so does Ryan–I always say it’s the best babysitter ever, haha. So what happened when Ryan dropped it on the driveway without a case and the screen cracked? Steve touched it up with some glue (we’re crafty, I tell ya) and we’re getting a new one for Christmas this year… it’s probably the best thing that could have happened because now we’ll have TWO, even if the screen on one is cracked. Thanks, Ryan! 😉

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HGG: Case-Mate iPhone 5 cases

Welcome to Baby Dickey’s Holiday Gift Guide ’12!

First of all–yes, Steve and I both got the new iPhone 5. We’ve been waiting a looooong time for this! I mean, we were both sporting the iPhone 3. No, not the 3S… the 3. They were falling apart and we were super excited to be able to get these new phones.

Now… with a toddler and a baby in the house, cases are a MUST. Our phones, although not toys, still get

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HGG: iPieces games for the iPad {giveaway}

Welcome to Baby Dickey’s Holiday Gift Guide ’12!

I first discovered the iPieces toys when I was at BlogHer… Pressman Toy was in the expo hall and they were demonstrating some of the iPieces games for the iPad. We have an iPad at home and I always say it’s the best babysitter ever. No, we don’t use it like that all the time, lol, but when we need it Ryan LOVES it. He plays music,

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Holiday Gift Guide 2012

As of this moment:

And now as you’re reading this, there’s even LESS time. Scary, eh? I think so. Where’d this year go? Time has never flown so fast since having children!

But I’m already super excited for Christmas… I saw holiday stuff up at Walmart WEEKS ago! We move into our new house at the end of November, just in time to decorate for the holidays, and I can’t wait!

I’ve even already my holiday shopping and list making. Yes, I make

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