Totally ridiculous!

Mom of the Year award

Oh boy, people. I totally won the MOM OF THE YEAR award today. Because that does exist, to be awarded by the powers that be to only the most worthy. And I am clearly sooooo worthy (just ask my kids! ha. ha.).

Ryan is starting an in-home daycare soon, just one day a week to socialize with other kids and to hopefully allow me some time to work from home. Anyway, we were there today dropping off some paperwork…

When we left, I was getting Rebecca into her car seat while Ryan

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Wordless Wednesday: life of a WAHM (work at home mom)

Also? This is why moms hate the phone, work-at-home-mom or not!!!

This is why I’m a mom! {funny quotes}


and, of course…

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Ryan’s present-opening tactic (video)

Wordless Wednesday: like my new hair?!

Like mama, like son

Ryan is my little mini-me and I love it. I mean, what do you expect? He spends all day, every day with his mama! And he picks up on things…

One day, Ryan disappeared and the house was silent. You know that’s never a good sign. I was in the bedroom when I hear, “mom! moooom. mom. MOM!” So I head to the bathroom and this is what I find. That morning I noticed he was carefully watching me as I put on eyeliner. The first chance he

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