Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan is soooooooooooo ready for those Thanksgiving mashed potatoes! Hahaha. And I am sooooo thankful for my adorable little boy 🙂


yes, please.

if only…

apparently you’re old when…

…you’re searching for toys on craigslist, you find the exact same dollhouse for sale that you played with as a kid, and the seller has it marked as VINTAGE!!!!! seriously?!?!?! I’m vintage?!

Best video ever: hot guys and boobs

“Hot guys and boobs” caught your attention, eh? I knew it would. Because it caught mine. And this is the BEST video EVER. I laughed (for real, out loud) through it and am downloading the app as we speak. You have to watch it all the way to the end otherwise you’ll miss the dance party! And? You’re welcome.

Thanks to my lovely and awesome friend at Life with Levi for posting this!

Wordless Wednesday: my fight with pants

Wordless Wednesday: any takers?

Whatever makes you laugh

Ya know how sometimes things are just SO BAD all you can do is laugh? Because otherwise you’d cry. Like flying with a toddler? lol. Yea, that post will come. I need to save up energy just to think about that experience again, haha.

This is a stupid story. But it was really funny (and terrible) at the moment, so I’m sharing it.

I went over to my mom’s to pick up Ryan this morning–he had a sleepover there last night. Our cats are out of food and I didn’t feel like going to

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