LABORfest: Learning About Birth Options in Rockford

At the end of April, our ICAN chapter (International Cesarean Awareness Network) hosted our first annual LABORfest: Learning About Birth Options in Rockford. I have a chapter co-leader and the two of us spent about two months planning. We got a free space at a local pub that provided all-you-can-eat pizza and pasta (at a fairly low cost to us), we pitched sponsors to donate items to our silent auction, we got local vendors and birth professionals to set up table space to meet and greet the attendees, and Joovy

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women who shine!

Do you know a woman who shines? Maybe someone that inspires you or is making a difference in the world around her. Maybe someone that fights for change or helps others or has started their own business. Whatever the reason, tell the world about her and why she shines! For me, I easily thought of someone that has made a profound difference in my life–even though she probably didn’t even know it–and clearly does the same for many other women. She makes a difference.

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Teaching our generation about birth

I’m WAY behind on recapping the ICAN conference and there is SO MUCH to say about it. I really want to go through each speaker and presentation that I saw because there was just so much info that’s all worth sharing.

Thursday night was leader training. I watched a presentation given by Claudia Villeneuve (childbirth educator, ICAN Canada president, engineer and mom of 3!) on the last 3 generations and how to educate them based on their characteristics and personalities: the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y.

I’m sure we all know how

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ICAN2011 conference love

I don’t even know where to start! The conference was amazing. I’m not sure that I went with any expectations… because I had no idea what to expect!… but I thought I’d learn some things to take back to the rest of our chapter. Wow, I learned SO MUCH more. In addition to learning about great studies and stats and facts, I learned about the healing process (and that I’m not done) and what’s coming next for me. I learned how to be a better and more active leader and how to help others.

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Cesarean Awareness Month: I’m at ICAN

April is Cesarean Awareness Month and what better way to spend it than at the ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Conference?! Leader training started Thursday, but today was the first day of conference sessions–they have been beyond amazing. More info will come later after I get home… I just wanted to let all of you know that I’M HERE! am busy busy busy, am meeting Henci Goer and Desiree Andrews and sooo many more (pictures to come!) and am having a great time!

So while you’re all anxiously awaiting my

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VBAC Guest Post: Induction

**This is the first in a series of guest posts about VBACs (vaginal births after cesareans). In an attempt to prepare for my own VBAC (hopefully next year), I’m hearing stories and trying to overcome fear. This post comes from Sarah (Naptime Mom Tog) who had an induced VBAC. Please read her story and visit her blog.**

Hi, my name is Sarah I write over on Naptime MomTog. I have 2 wonderful boys and I love to take pictures.

I am going to take you back

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Journey to a VBAC: stories

At the end of last year I posted my to-do list before I get pregnant again and attempt a VBAC–and also some of my fears. Well, the new year is here and I need to make some progress.

I decided to start by hearing stories.

I’ve asked some other bloggers who’ve had (or attempted) VBACs to guest post on my blog… each one has a different story and each one gives me hope. I’m learning from them and arming myself with knowledge is a huge part of getting ready for my

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