natural preparation methods for labor

Welp, my due date is NEXT FRIDAY. Yea, it’s a little crazy to be able to say that, but I’m definitely ready. The little labor “scare” on Sunday night/Monday morning made me realize I’m ready, I’m not scared… I can do this!

So I thought I’d share some little tips and remedies to naturally help prepare yourself for labor. These are NOT induction methods–I am a strong believer that your body won’t go into labor unless it is ready.

Of course your body was made to labor and birth and you really don’t have

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Inducing a late baby and my doctor's thoughts

Due date has come and gone. We went to the doctor on Monday (40+3 weeks) to make sure all was still okay and to see what was going on.

Weight: 146.6 Blood pressure: 112/62

Non-Stress Test: I was having contractions so the nurse kept saying it must be time, but I told her that I’d been having those contractions for almost 2 months. Nothing exciting! My OB came in to check and said “hmm, how far along are you?” – UH, 40 weeks, I just saw you 4 days ago! Baby’s heart rate was

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