How do 6 girls do a bachelorette party in Milwaukee?

In a KIA SORENTO 2014, of course! If it doesn’t scream “party animal,” I don’t know what does! 😉 But really – this mama got us from Rockford IL to Milwaukee WI for a weekend of awesomeness. We stopped half way at a winery near Delavan for lunch then continued on to our hotel in downtown Milwaukee. I’ve reviewed a 2013 Kia Sorento on this blog before so let’s

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2013 Kia Rio review from a family of 4

I’m a big fan of Kia and the husband and I are seriously in the market for a new car. Really, we need two new cars, but we’ll start with one for now lol. After being able to drive multiple vehicles for Kia, they’re at the top of our list. Did you know they offer an industry-leading 10-year/100,00-mile warranty program?! They really stand behind the quality of their vehicles. I recently received the Kia

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2013 Kia Optima SX Limited

In September last year we got to test out a Kia Sorento… loved it and the space it provided for our family of 4. Last month we got to give the Kia Optima a try. She (yea, it was a she!) was wonderful and I definitely miss her!

FIRST… let me tell you about these Kia guys. This amazing customer service. So they’re coming out to

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Kia Sorento: a departure from the expected

We recently went on a family vacation to Wisconsin for a week. When I leave the house for the DAY I usually have two bags with me of stuff… tack on 4 more days, nights, food, toys, play pens, a stroller, AND let’s not forget things to keep the kids occupied for a 5 hour car ride! AHH!

My husband and I both drive your average 4-door sedans. You know, the type of car that’s already full with just your

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