why hello, mario lopez

I remember playing at game at one of my bridal showers that asked questions about Steve and our relationship. One of them was something about what drives me nuts or a bad habit of his… my answer? His underwear! Socks, too, but those aren’t as gross. Seriously most of his underwear have holes and are just worn and ratty looking. I’ve come to find out it’s not just MY husband, but many guys in general. What gives?!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been randomly finding old pairs of Steve’s underwear in the garbage.

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getting ready for Easter!

We had a lot of traditions surrounding the Easter holiday when I was growing up. I have such great memories of Easter morning, hunting for candy with my brother, digging through our Easter baskets, and collecting a new stuffed animal each year. They are traditions I want to carry on with my own kids and this is our first Easter with TWO children! WHOOO! Every “first” holiday is just so exciting 🙂

Thanks to the Kmart circular, I saw they were

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