Birth with Balance: share your birth story

I was recently contacted by Chelsea from the website Birth with Balance. She has created a forum and a community for birth stories and she shared both of mine–the coerced cesarean in the hospital and the VBAC homebirth. I love what she’s doing (she’s also due any moment now with her homebirth baby!) and wanted to share this resource with all of you… this is a guest post written by Chelsea, so check it out!


As a labor and delivery nurse I am truly passionate about the process of childbirth. Though

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Top 5 reasons for hiring a doula at a homebirth

Some women don’t know what a doula is (no worries, my computer is also trying to auto-correct the word like it doesn’t exist)… some know, but don’t want one for their birth… and some think doulas are only beneficial in a hospital setting.

We didn’t hire a doula for our first birth. It was in a hospital and while we knew what a doula was, we just didn’t think we’d NEED one. I knew what I wanted–a natural birth–and I had my husband by my side. I mean, come on, we read The Bradley

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Our homebirth VBAC story

I’d been having “prodromal” labor for a couple weeks. I hate to call it that, but they were stronger than my normal braxton-hicks that I’d been having for months and they were consistently 1-1.5 minutes in length and 5-minutes apart for hours at a time. There were three specific times that I surely thought I was in labor! But every time, the contractions died down and stopped… usually after a sleepless night. I was frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. Contractions are hard work! And I wasn’t used to daily workouts, haha.

I remember waking up

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essential oils: aromatherapy for labor

One thought that kept repeating through my head while I was in labor: “wow, you just don’t get this type of special treatment in a hospital.” I mean, I was pampered. I ate well, my feet were rubbed, my hair was brushed, the supply of water and juice was never-ending, my shoulders were massaged, I got plenty of warm showers and baths…. it was amazing. Okay, apart from the pain of labor lol, it was amazing.

The part I want to focus on right now is the use of essential oils

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“waiting is the hardest part”

natural preparation methods for labor

Welp, my due date is NEXT FRIDAY. Yea, it’s a little crazy to be able to say that, but I’m definitely ready. The little labor “scare” on Sunday night/Monday morning made me realize I’m ready, I’m not scared… I can do this!

So I thought I’d share some little tips and remedies to naturally help prepare yourself for labor. These are NOT induction methods–I am a strong believer that your body won’t go into labor unless it is ready.

Of course your body was made to labor and birth and you really don’t have

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What surprised you about your labor?

I’m featured again on ABC News for their Million Moms Challenge, raising money for babies and moms around the world that are in need. If you haven’t yet, please sign up for the challenge!

This time, I wrote about labor. About how we all enter into labor and delivery with some type of expectations and fears and things could go exactly as planned (lucky you!) or, more likely, totally different.

What surprised you about your labor?

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