wordless wednesday: my sacrifice

In honor of the SAHM post I just wrote last night, I found this and thought it was perfect <3

besides “Mom,” who am I?

A few weeks ago the Friends theme song came on the radio in the car… it reminded me how much I used to love watching that show and it made me think about who I was before I became “Mom.”

Ya know how they say no one is happy unless mom is happy? I think it’s true. And definitely not because I’m the most important person in the household or anything, but because I’m the one home every day with the kids and if I’m cranky, it totally rubs off on them. If they’re

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Living in fear

“If we let things terrify us, life will not be worth living.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been a person to live in fear. Maybe that goes along with being young and believing you’re invincible. Sure, I’m still young… but a number of things have happened in my life to change my outlook. And I don’t like it. Being afraid consumes your life… like the quote above, it’s no way to live.

#1: I was about 8 months pregnant and it was around 9pm. I was home alone

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