Work From Home Tax Deductions

*As a LifeLock Ambassador I received a membership & compensation for this post on work from home tax deductions*

This is my third year being self-employed with my blog work and social media management. Taxes can certainly get tricky when you’re self-employed, especially when you’re new to the process. What can you claim? What deductions can you take or, maybe even more importantly, what deductions shouldn’t you take? I’m NO expert, so my first recommendation is to consult a professional on work from home tax deductions!

First of all, when you

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Safety tips for buying a new home

As you know, we recently moved to a new house and we are members LifeLock to help protect us from identify theft. With all the bank accounts and loans and shopping involved with a new house, plus new jobs and credit cards and banks, the opportunities for theft are endless. It’s certainly a time to be careful! We’ve been through the process of purchasing a home twice now and I have some tips to add to my first post.

You know those random security questions about your first

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Buying a house… round two

Steve and I have been together for 10 years… we rented a house and an apartment in college… we lived in my parents’ basement… we lived in a one-bedroom apartment when Ryan was born and then rented Steve’s grandpa’s house… you could say we got around.

Finally we were able to buy our first home when Steve landed a great engineering job just south of here. He commuted for awhile, but it was far, so we bought a house and moved down there.

After just a year of living there, he

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My 6 tips for shopping safe this holiday season

Ahhhh, it has already started!!! The Christmas decorations went up at retail stores around July, I think (right?), and every day I see 5 more friends posting photos of their Christmas trees set up in their house! It has kinda taken me by surprise this year… where is the time going?! But also – are people decorating earlier this year OR WHAT?! Christmas trees go up after Thanksgiving in my house! (Or maybe I just procrastinate… hmmm…)

Anyway, with all this excitement comes shopping. Lots and lots of holiday shopping. I started my gift

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do you donate online?

Have you ever donated online? Maybe to a charity or a non-profit… maybe your friend was running a race and asking for contributions… or maybe even a raffle fundraiser? I certainly have… to all of the above! I’ve even hosted my own raffle fundraiser on this blog and collected money from other people–over $500 in generous donations (that I sent to an amazing non-profit).

Where do you draw the line? How much research do you do before donating? How SAFE is it?

Especially with the holiday season of giving upon

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that one time… my social security number was stolen…

When I was in college, I had a lot of credit cards. A LOT. I didn’t have a lot of debt though because even though I had a credit card problem, I didn’t have a spending problem… most cards I signed up for were for the discounts and coupons. If I used my Macy’s card or my Victoria’s Secret card or one of the other 10, it was paid off right away. Sooo, not a big deal, right?

Until I tried to apply for a new credit card… and got denied.

I applied again.

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