5 OTHER uses for diaper rash cream

~This post was written in a partnership with Pinxav. Any opinions are my own.

Okay, moms, we’ve all been there. We all have some sort of diaper rash cream or ointment on hand, we’ve all wiped it on the baby’s bottom. Did you know 75% of babies will develop diaper rash at least once every six months? Eeek. We try to prevent it and when it comes, we treat it. Lots of diaper rash creams create a barrier to repel more wetness against the skin, right? But do they also help soothe and heal?

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pregnancy symptoms: the GOOD ones

I was going through really old posts–back to my very first post ever from when we found out we were pregnant with Ryan. While I searching and reminiscing, I found a post I had written about “10 icky symptoms,” haha. Here they are:

1. Discharge 2. Gas and bloating 3. Bleeding gums 4. Constipation 5. Excessive salivation 6. Hemorrhoids 7. Itchy skin 8. Nosebleeds 9. Swollen extremities (edema) 10. Yeast infections

I’ll just say right now that I’m pretty lucky and never had most of those during either pregnancy. Honestly,

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the baby bucket list

I’ve got 5 weeks left. Just over a month. That’s 5 weekends to get things done with my husband, since weekdays are spent with Ryan while the hubby is at work. FIVE. I need to plan well. Lately, it’s all I think about. I might drive myself crazy first…. I make list after list, losing every one or changing the order or adding more things.

Well, I’m writing this blog post for me–to keep track of what I want to do or need to do–a list I won’t lose and a list

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new house wish list

This list is more for my own benefit because I’m one of those nerdy list-makers and it helps me get things done. I’ve been stalking craigslist the past month while we’re waiting to close on our new house. We moved from Iowa (where we were at school) back to Illinois in my parents’ basement–so we got rid of a lot of our stuff and the rest went into a storage unit. When we finally got our own apartment, it was only a 1-bedroom so we didn’t have much space and slowly starting accumulating our

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BlogHer11 to-do list

I have a hard time accepting things are real until they’re here, in my face. So it makes sense that BlogHer is like 4 days away and I’ve barely started on my to-do list! It will be a busy week.

Sure, I’ve done all the basics–I have a ticket and a flight (arrive at 3pm Thursday and leave at 10am Sunday) and a hotel room with 3 awesome roomies (Baby Birthing Mama, Mama B, and Read More…