Our cost of having a homebirth

Last August I posted about costs of a homebirth, but it was still pretty early on in our pregnancy so I used estimates. Now that we’re ready to go any day now (baby, where are you?!), I thought I’d update the prices for those of you curious about paying for a homebirth with a midwife.

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Please keep in mind that costs will vary greatly. It can depend on your location–some midwives charge much more, some charge much less. It can depend on what

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Pregnancy week 36: home visit with the midwife

**4 weeks to go! Well, 3.5… because this post is a little late ;)**

She’s somewhere around 18.5 inches long and 6 pounds. At my appointment today, my midwife guessed she was 5.5-6 lbs. And YAY we’ve reached the point that I could still have a homebirth if I went into labor now (ya know, assuming all signs are fine)…. because most babies born now do very well. But we still want her to keep cooking–have those lungs mature a bit more!

She’s getting pretty cramped. Usually your uterus fundus

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Costs of a homebirth

When reading about reasons for a homebirth, money is always listed. Homebirth is much cheaper than a hospital birth. But it’s not for us… and regardless, it wouldn’t be one of our reasons anyway. I think you all know (if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile) what our reasons are.


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If you don’t have health insurance, yes, a homebirth would be WAY cheaper for you. But we do and a hospital birth would be covered (less our deductible).

But a

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Interviewing a homebirth midwife

We interviewed (and loved) a midwife last night for our upcoming VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) homebirth. When we chose an OB for our last pregnancy, we didn’t really interview anyone–just took one based on a referral from a friend because she had openings available. Huge mistake.

I prepared a big list of questions for our midwife interview.. these were collected from ICAN, online forums, suggestions from twitter/facebook, and birth-y books (Birthing From Within, Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth…). Usually the interview turns more

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Having a husband that wants a homebirth

I should totally get Steve this shirt

I get asked a lot if my husband is on board for the homebirth. Do you think I’d feel confident and supported in this decision if it was my decision alone? I can very (VERY) thankfully say that my husband loves the idea of having a homebirth this time.

Sometimes? He’s more on board with the idea than I am, haha. If I get scared or start asking questions, he’s right there to calm me down and bring me back to Earth. He reminds

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"Women should give birth at home"


from bringbirthhome.com


That’s right, read that header again. A panel of health experts from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) submitted a report* that calls for the UK’s National Health Service to provide more midwife-led units and for doctors to visit women so they can give birth outside of the hospital.

Too many women give birth in the hospitals, British experts say. Less than 10% of women in the UK currently give birth at home or at midwife-led units. The RCOG president stated that the maternity system

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Choosing a VBAC care provider: OB or midwife?

I’ve decided that I’m going with a midwife. For those of you that know me, you know this wasn’t a tough decision based on my first birth experience. For those of you that don’t know about it, check out my birth story. Experiencing a vaginal birth is important to me (although I know it’s not for all women). I am aware of the risks associated with having a VBAC and with repeat c-sections (I’ll post those stats next week!) and have put plenty of thought into it. If I continue seeing OBs,

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