Rebecca’s 11 months

Dear baby girl,

You’re just a little sweetheart… the other day at the children’s museum another mom asked me if you were “7, maybe 8 months old?” You’re just a petite little girl, like your mama! You’re not walking yet, but you love standing and cruising along furniture or walking with a push toy. Just recently you’ve started attempting to stand unassisted! It won’t be too much longer!

You also love to climb… you can go all the way up the stairs on your own (with someone right

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Rebecca: 9 & 10 months

Yes, I’m super behind. Rebecca turned 9 months old on the day we closed on the sale of our home, closed on the purchase of our new home, and moved into our new house… it was a big day! Followed by lots and lots and lots of unpacking… and getting ready for the holidays… Then Rebecca turned 10 months old on the day after Christmas, AKA the day before Ryan turned three years old. I tell ya, there’s no rest around here! So, I’m cutting myself some slack on missing these posts and am

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looks who’s standing!

Milestone: Rebecca’s smiling!

I’d say she started a few days ago–so just about 5 weeks old. They definitely aren’t just gassy smiles, they’re real! 🙂 Steve is better at getting her to smile than I am, but if you make some clicking noises with your mouth, it seems to do the trick. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos, but I wanted to capture the smiles and it’s all that was nearby. She is just starting to make coo-ing sounds too!

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17 months: milestones

ohmygosh, Ryan is almost one and a half years old!!!! That means he’s almost 2!!! That means he’s almost off to college!!! LOL. But seriously.

I think I skipped this last month, but thought I’d check out the milestone chart again at just to see how awesome Ryan is 😉 Soo…

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): *uses 6 words regularly: ummmm, Ryan definitely knows at least 6 words (mom, dad, up, cracker, grandma, grandpa, yes, cheese, down, bye, hi, car…) but he doesn’t use them regularly. He prefers to point and whine.

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13 months: developmental milestones

When Ryan turned one, I wrote a post about making milestones and decided to keep it up. He’s now 13 months (almost 14!) so let’s check it out… thanks to

13 months old

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): *uses 2 words skillfully *bends over and picks up an object

Ohhh, Ryan’s a pro! He easily bends and grabs and here’s a list of words he says, off the top of my head: hi, mama, dada, kitty cat, cracker, milk, stop

Emerging skills (half of

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Making milestones?

I’m stealing this lovely idea from Crunchy VT Mommy (who also stole the idea from someone else… we’re all just a bunch of thieves! has milestone charts where you can check monthly milestones to see if your child is on track. I don’t really care because I think Ryan is just peachy 😉 but I thought it’d be fun to do.

SO – my big boy is now 12 MONTHS OLD!!!! And here is what babycenter claims:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do): -imitate others’ activities -indicates wants with gestures

Ryan definitely imitates

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