Rebecca’s birth day: Throwback Thursday

I got the idea for Throwback Thursday from the blog over at YesVideo… fun to look back on favorite memories! In honor of Rebecca’s first birthday this week, I’m reminiscent of the day she was born.

The day I first sang “Happy Birthday” to her, when I first got to hold her in my arms and look into her big blue eyes. The day my life changed and the day we welcomed a daughter into our family. The day Ryan became a big brother and daddy earned a princess. And the

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Improving Birth’s National Rally for Change

On Monday, September 3rd, 2012–Labor Day–Improving Birth hosted a nationwide Rally for Change. The goal? To raise awareness about the unnecessarily high cesarean and induction rates, promote informed consent and birth options, and rally for evidence based care. Birth matters, birth is safe, and we can do better.

The rallies were held in every state, in over 100 cities, with nearly 10,000 total people in attendance. Our rally itself had about 80 people. There were several in IL, which is wonderful–our state is in desperate need

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Our homebirth VBAC story

I’d been having “prodromal” labor for a couple weeks. I hate to call it that, but they were stronger than my normal braxton-hicks that I’d been having for months and they were consistently 1-1.5 minutes in length and 5-minutes apart for hours at a time. There were three specific times that I surely thought I was in labor! But every time, the contractions died down and stopped… usually after a sleepless night. I was frustrated, discouraged, and exhausted. Contractions are hard work! And I wasn’t used to daily workouts, haha.

I remember waking up

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natural preparation methods for labor

Welp, my due date is NEXT FRIDAY. Yea, it’s a little crazy to be able to say that, but I’m definitely ready. The little labor “scare” on Sunday night/Monday morning made me realize I’m ready, I’m not scared… I can do this!

So I thought I’d share some little tips and remedies to naturally help prepare yourself for labor. These are NOT induction methods–I am a strong believer that your body won’t go into labor unless it is ready.

Of course your body was made to labor and birth and you really don’t have

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Watch a LIVE homebirth online NOW!

If you haven’t heard yet, Dr. Nancy (Your Birth Coach) is live streaming her homebirth. She’s something like a week over due and I just got the email notification a few hours ago that she has recently started early labor.

I just logged on to watch and it looks like she is baking a cake with her two children.

You can watch two ways: either on her Facebook page (UStream password is naturalbirthrocks) OR on her Your Birth Coach website.

From what I’ve

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