Buying a house… round two

Steve and I have been together for 10 years… we rented a house and an apartment in college… we lived in my parents’ basement… we lived in a one-bedroom apartment when Ryan was born and then rented Steve’s grandpa’s house… you could say we got around.

Finally we were able to buy our first home when Steve landed a great engineering job just south of here. He commuted for awhile, but it was far, so we bought a house and moved down there.

After just a year of living there, he

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new house wish list

This list is more for my own benefit because I’m one of those nerdy list-makers and it helps me get things done. I’ve been stalking craigslist the past month while we’re waiting to close on our new house. We moved from Iowa (where we were at school) back to Illinois in my parents’ basement–so we got rid of a lot of our stuff and the rest went into a storage unit. When we finally got our own apartment, it was only a 1-bedroom so we didn’t have much space and slowly starting accumulating our

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