21 days to a new you (motivational quotes)

Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit? It might not sound like a long time, but think about it… that’s 3 weeks of fighting old habits. 504 hours of trying something new. 30,240 minutes of changing your life. It might feel like an eternity before you’re done.

But now think about how great it will be when you get there! 21 days behind you. 3 weeks to form a new, better habit. 504 hours on your way to improvement. 30,240 minutes invested in becoming healthier!

Did you make resolutions for

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Dunkin’ Donuts Mug Up: happy new year!

~This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts for their Mug Up Contest. The opinions and text are all mine.

Happy New Year!!! Did you make any resolutions? I had some ideas in mind… of course there are always things to improve… but I never actually sat down and wrote goals and made deadlines. I definitely need to do that!

It’s time for another monthly theme from Dunkin’ Donuts and their Mug Up Contest! Remember you can win some GREAT prizes and you can enter daily!

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Our Holiday MOMents

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’ve been living in a house of SICK for over a week. We basically missed Christmas and postponed Ryan’s 4th birthday party because of it…. as if this time of year isn’t stressful enough! I feel out of the loop and we’re just starting to climb out of this mess. There seems to be so much pressure during the holidays, but it’s also a time that CAN be filled with amazing memories… so let’s stop and enjoy the MOMents!

Sprout is helping

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New Year’s Eve party dresses

~This post on New Year’s Eve party dresses was written in a partnership with Dress First. All opinions are my own.

My “wardrobe” has taken a dive since becoming a mom… there’s a lot of yoga pants and comfy shirts. I don’t have as many nights out on the town like I used to so when those occasions come along I always feel like I have nothing to wear! Where’d my “party wardrobe” go?! So I’m always on the lookout for places I can get some great outfits and ordering online is even better–who

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New Year time capsule for Ryan

I saw this idea originally in my Family Fun magazine. Then, as the New Year got closer, I saw it all over Pinterest. So you may have seen it already, but it’s just too cute not to share. I LOVE this idea.

(picture from Family Fun)

In the picture above, the idea was to have your child write a note to themselves to read in the future. Or–especially if your kids are younger, like mine!–you can create a survey or questionnaire

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2011: a year of Baby Dickey in review

January 2011 started out with a bang! We had Ryan’s 1st birthday party, which was an awesome monster-themed party. My baby boy was getting so big! I started working on my VBAC to-do list because Steve and I decided we wanted to start trying to conceive over the summer.

Then in February, my husband lost his job, but we found the positives of it and enjoyed the family time. We thought this would delay our plans for baby #2 and just took everything a day at

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New Year’s Quiz: round 2

I filled this out last January and it’s crazy to see how my responses have changed–or how some have stayed just the same! Taken from the lovely Joanna at Baby Gator’s Den–she has a linky set up if you decide to fill out and post this survey too!

1. What did you do in 2011 that you’d never done before?

Bought a house!

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

Thanks to my blog, I know that

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