Breastfeeding Awareness Month: there’s an app for that

Most of you already know I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate, having nursed our son until he was almost 4 and our daughter until almost 2. I believe that breastfeeding success is largely about SUPPORT so when I discovered an IBCLC that created a helpful breastfeeding app, I had to check it out.

I mean, what else are we doing when we’re up nursing 5 times in the middle of the night? I guess I don’t know about you, but I was on my phone! We’re always on our phones! So

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Holiday Gifts for Mom: Envie de Fraises

I remember when I was pregnant I dreaded shopping for maternity clothes. We have very few local stores that carry any and most were frumpy and ugly. I ended up wearing larger sizes of a lot of non-maternity clothes or shopping online just TRYING to find something cute. The same goes for nursing clothes… when you’re breastfeeding, your daily wardrobe needs to be thought out. Can I easily nurse in this? What if I’m out in public? And stylish nursing clothes were also impossible to find. So when Envie de Fraises offered to send

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Loving Moments by Leading Lady: maternity to nursing (giveaway)

You’ve seen me talking about Leading Lady and Loving Moments by Leading Lady on my blog before, I hope, because they’re some of my favorites! They have great nursing wear and are truly supportive of breastfeeding moms, offering resources on their website and connecting through social media. So I’m happy to share the news with you: the Loving Moments nursing collection we already know and love has expanded to include Maternity Essentials! Now you’re covered from maternity to nursing with Loving Moments!

From chic maternity

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Breastflow Memory Pump (giveaway)

*This is a review written by blog contributor Amber. Product provided by The First Years, all opinions are her own.*

This breast pump from The First Years was a life saver in a number of ways! As a teacher, I was lucky enough to be able the take the year off after having my son. Staying home with my kids made it easier for me to nurse and it was nice not to have to do much pumping. The problem came when my son turned one and we found out

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World Breastfeeding Week 2013: resources, discounts, & giveaways

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!! August is also Breastfeeding Awareness Month. We all know I’m a breastfeeding supporter and have been nursing my kids for the last 3.5 years… I just wrote a guest post for the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival on breastfeeding support and I’d love if you checked it out. Writing it made me tear up–it’s all about my beginning struggles after Ryan’s birth and where I found my support and why I think that’s so important.

Full-term breastfeeding aside, the benefits of

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Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower at HOME: Leading Lady giveaway!

I’m sure by now you know about the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower I’m co-hosting in Chicago this week with The Baby Ladies! There will be brand reps and 50 mom/baby bloggers mingling on a rooftop downtown… I can’t wait! To bring some of the fun action home to all of you that are unable to attend the Baby Shower, here’s a special giveaway from one of our Shower partners, Leading Lady! I Read More…

Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower: all-natural mamatea!

Welcome to day 6 of the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower! Last (but certainly not least!) before the shower and then we’ll OF COURSE share tons of photos and stories from the big event 🙂 I love this next Shower partner for so many reasons… meet mamatea!

mamatea covers all phases of becoming a mama… from trying to conceive to nursing… with safe, all-natural, and beneficial ingredients. The company was started when Kim, the founder, wanted these effective tea

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